5 Affiliate Networks Every Female Blogger Needs to Join

Affiliate Networks To Join

In the world of affiliate marketing, not all affiliate networks are created equally! Affiliate Networks are companies which act as mediators between a blogger and a merchant. The benefit to joining an affiliate network is that you gain access to many retailers at once, and even if you receive several commissions from several retailers, the affiliate network bundles them up into one easy paycheck for you. What’s also great about joining an affiliate network is that they sometimes negotiate higher commissions on behalf of their members, too!

While some bloggers will go and sign up for as many affiliate networks as possible, I think it’s best to focus on 3-5 networks you feel best serve your readers, and then think about joining more. Some networks will require you to apply to each individual merchant after getting accepted to the network (Shareasale), while others will immediately give you access to their partner merchants upon entry (RewardStyle).

Here are 5 of the best affiliate networks I recommend to female bloggers!

Shareasale – This was the first affiliate network I joined as a blogger that actually brought me income, so I really can’t recommend it enough! Shareasale has a ton of awesome retailers on board, so it’s a great place to get started if you’re a female blogger. They also payout pretty quickly after you generate commissions! Notable Merchants: Wayfair, One Kings Lane, Lulu’s

ShopStyle – ShopStyle is tough to make a lot of money with unless you have a lot of traffic, however I think it is the perfect network for newbie bloggers who want to start learning about affiliate marketing. It’s free to sign-up and pretty easy to get accepted. The user experience is very intuitive and smooth which is also what makes it great for new bloggers! Notable Merchants: Pretty much every fashion brand you can think of!

Skimlinks – What’s awesome about Skimlinks is that it requires very little work on your end. You simply install their tracking code, and the program searches for existing links in your blog to automatically add your affiliate link to. It doesn’t modify existing affiliate links. Pretty easy! Notable Merchants: Walmart, Home Depot, Fab.com

Amazon – Amazon is the biggest e-commerce retailer within the US, by far. I’ve read estimates that something like 1 out of every 5 e-commerce sales are made on Amazon. Amazon generates billions in revenue each year, and if you can take a piece of that pie, you absolutely should! Amazon knows how popular their site is though, so the cookie length is much shorter than average (just 24 hours) but that doesn’t mean you won’t find success!

RewardStyle – RewardStyle is the holy grail of fashion bloggers everywhere, and they’ve recently expanding into a ton of other female interest categories like home, beauty and family life. RewardStyle is my favorite affiliate network however you do need considerable traffic and a nice social following to get accepted. (Click here to contact me for a quick review of your site before applying) Notable Merchants: Nordstrom, Asos, Kate Spade, Glossier

What has your experience been with affiliate networks?

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