How to Make 10k Per Month Blogging

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So you want to get serious about blogging and turn your hobby blog into a cash machine generating $10,000 per month? Lots of people will tell you you’re crazy but making a full-time income from blogging is possible if you know what you’re doing. I’ve been blogging professionally for over 5 years now and am … Read more

What It Really Takes to Make $100,000 Blogging

Blog Revenue Monetization

Do you want to earn $100,000 – yes you read that right – one hundred thousand dollars from blogging? I’ve made six figures by blogging for the last few years and I’ll reveal exactly what it takes to reach this income milestone. Let Go of Perfection If you spend too much time on one blog post ensuring … Read more

1 Million Page Views Per Month Blog Revenue

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Many bloggers dream of the day their site starts generating a million visits every month. If I could get my blog to that level of substantial traffic, just how much income could I potentially earn from those 1 million hungry readers? I’m a full-time blogger and I’ll walk through the estimated advertising, affiliate, sponsorship, and … Read more

How Much Passive Income Can a Blog Make?

Blog Revenue Monetization

Ever wonder how much passive income a blog can really make? I’m a full-time blogger and today I’m going to dive into this oft wondered about topic on the income potential from blogging professionally! First – What is Passive Income? Simply put, passive income refers to the income that you can generate, without any active … Read more

How Much Do Bloggers Make in their First Year?

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If you’ve ever wondered how much bloggers make in their first year of blogging, I’m going to share my knowledge. The amount of money made by new bloggers depends on many factors. The main factors which determine a blogger’s first-year income are: how much prior SEO experience they come to the table with niche selection … Read more