Web Hosting for High Traffic Websites

Looking for fast and affordable high traffic web hosting? As my blog traffic has grown exponentially, I’ve been running into issues with the standard web hosts available to most entry-level bloggers. Although most of them advertise “unlimited traffic,” experienced bloggers know this is far from actually true! The truth is that the more your traffic … Read more

My Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Blogging Tasks and Schedule

Efficient time management is key to becoming a successful blogger. As someone who went full-time over one year ago, I have some experience with creating a blogging task schedule that works for me. Of course, creating a schedule is one thing. Sticking to it is a whole other thing! When most people think of a … Read more

7 Amazing Business Podcasts for Female Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

Business Podcasts

I know I’m crazy late to the party, but I’ve just discovered how amazing business podcasts for female bloggers and entrepreneurs are! I love learning from other bloggers but it’s hard to take time out of my day to read a super long blog post or watch a video. Podcasts are a great way to … Read more

The Ultimate List of 50+ Blog Income Reports by Niche

Income reports – either you love them or you hate them! Whatever your feelings on sharing blog income with the world, I believe income reports are a great way to promote transparency and motivate new bloggers. By publishing the financial potential that can be achieved by blogging, more and more people are discovering the endless … Read more

How (and Why) to Open a Spark Business Bank Account with Capital One

As business owners, we need to be careful about tracking our income and expenses – and keeping them separate from our personal finances. The day I formed my LLC I decided to open a Spark Business bank account through Capital One. Why Capital One? Well, their Spark Business division gives me free checking and savings … Read more