My Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Blogging Tasks and Schedule

Efficient time management is key to becoming a successful blogger. As someone who went full-time over one year ago, I have some experience with creating a blogging task schedule that works for me. Of course, creating a schedule is one thing. Sticking to it is a whole other thing!

When most people think of a blogging schedule, they think of how often they will publish posts. That’s true to a degree, but there are a whole host of other tasks that need to be accomplished in addition to publishing new posts.

I started to create weekly and monthly goals for myself in order to keep myself on track and ensure that my business has the best chance of success.

Here’s an overview of my schedule on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis:

Daily Blog Tasks

My days are fairly fluid so I try not to give myself daily deadlines. Instead I prefer to give myself weekly or monthly goals that I work on little by little each day.

My one goal for every day is to write. Making at least some progress on one or more articles is something I strive for every day.

I’ll also check my social media accounts like any normal person but this is more enjoyable for me than a true “task!”

Weekly Blog Tasks

On a weekly basis, I ensure my Pinterest Tailwind queue is filled for the following week. This is something I do on Fridays as it allows me to schedule the current week’s posts.

I also write the introduction to my email newsletter that goes out to my subscribers on a weekly basis.

Monthly Blog Tasks

I look at my blog from a monthly perspective most often.

At the beginning of each month, the first priority is scheduling the posts I want to write for the next month. I use Asana‘s calendar view to accomplish this and have a clear, visual representation of my posts for the month! This helps me visualize my blog editorial calendar.

After I have my publishing schedule in place, I start creating the blog post outlines in Google Docs. I do a quick Google search for each post topic and decide what headers need to be put in place so that the information is well organized. I do this for all my posts.

Once the post outlines are in place, I write the text of the articles myself or outsource them to a freelancer.

Next up, I schedule any pins for the month on my side blogs (fashion, travel, and this blogging blog you’re reading!). I use a combination of Tailwind and these free Pinterest scheduling methods depending on the blog I’m working on.

After, I schedule my Instagram posts for the month using Later. I don’t publish every day but I try to schedule at least one post per week in order to keep my accounts somewhat active. Instagram is a last priority for me because I don’t make any money from it.

Finally, I schedule my Facebook and Twitter posts for the month using IFTTT and Google Calendar. (I’m going to write about the free method I use very soon!)

Monthly Business Tasks

I also have a few business related tasks that I make sure to check off each month. These include:

  • Noting any blog income or expenses from the month in my Accounting spreadsheet
  • Analyzing my blog traffic for the month to view my most popular posts

These tasks help me stay organized and plan content during the year.

‘When I Get to It’ Tasks

There’s also a lot of tasks that I do when I have time. They aren’t top priority but they need to get done at some point or another. Tasks I keep in the back of my mind are:

  • Replying to blog comments and emails
  • Updating old posts
  • Share other bloggers’ posts on social media
  • Make new pins for old posts
  • Contribute to and share from Tailwind Tribes
  • Updating WordPress plugins

It’s not that I don’t feel that these tasks are important, but I simply don’t have the time to prioritize them. They don’t have a direct return on investment that I can manage, so they fall on the backburner.

That is my general blogging schedule!

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  1. Helpful post – I’m a new blogger, also in the interior design space, and the struggle to manage all the things as a newbie is real! If you happen to be going to the Design Influencers Conference in San Francisco this weekend, I’d love to meet up!

  2. Blog,
    Thanks again for another great post. This is beyond helpful.

    I’m curious, what do you like to use to manage your tasks? Do you add everything directly from paper to calendar?

    Are you using ‘Tasks’ or your Google Calendar?



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