The Ultimate List of 50+ Blog Income Reports by Niche

Income reports – either you love them or you hate them!

Whatever your feelings on sharing blog income with the world, I believe income reports are a great way to promote transparency and motivate new bloggers. By publishing the financial potential that can be achieved by blogging, more and more people are discovering the endless possibilities to work for themselves and earn a stable income online.

I personally love reading other bloggers’ income reports, even if they write in a different niche than my own.

In fact, I share my income reports each month on this very blog!

Without income reports, I don’t know that I would have gotten as far as I have in the blogging world. I’m so grateful to those “OG” bloggers who decided to share their income online!

Bloggers Who Share Their Income Reports

In this post, I’ve compiled a massive list of blogger income reports categorized by niche to inspire you and give you ideas for new income streams!

There are a few income reports I check out nearly every month, noted with a * next to the name. These are the reports I find especially useful! Some of these reports are no longer published every month, but there’s still fantastic information to be found when digging through their archives.

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I’ve chosen to feature bloggers whose main source of income is blogging itself or courses created and promoted on the blogs they’ve created themselves. There are a lot of various income reports online from people who earn money via freelancing, virtual assistance, working remotely, or various financial investments. These types of income reports have purposefully been excluded, as I prefer to focus on blogging income only.

Since I won’t have time to update this post every month, I’ve included a link to the blogger’s category or tag with all their income reports as well as the most recent income figure available (linked to the report) at the time of writing this post! I will definitely update this article as I come across more income reports.

Personal Finance Blog Income Reports

Getting out of debt, paying off student loans, buying your first house, making real estate investments, working towards financial freedom, and investing in the stock market are all amazing topics for a personal finance blog. These bloggers found success by blogging about getting their finances and investments in order!

Family + Mom Blog Income Reports

Mom blogs are always so inspiring even if you are not a mother yourself. Sarah Titus started her blog in the wake of divorcing an abusive husband and refusing to leave her kids with a babysitter. She started having 5-figure months within a year of launching her blog, and last year she earned nearly $1 million dollars by launching her own shop full of her digital products!

Food Blog Income Reports

Food blogs are amazing money-makers. Everyone wants new and creative ways to make dinner so food blogs that bring a unique twist to cooking are sure to find success. If you can specialize in a particular type of food or cuisine, you can probably earn money from a food blog fairly quickly. Ads are the main way that food blogs are monetized since most people already have the ingredients at home and are looking to follow a recipe as they cook.

From vegan food to holistic food, there are many niches to explore in the food blogging world!

Travel Blog Income Reports

Doesn’t everyone want to travel and make money at the same time? These travel bloggers have done that. In between flights, hotels, and sightseeing, their travel blogs pull in some side hustle money for excursions! Some of them even live off their travel blog income full-time.

Home Decor Blog Income Reports

Hiring an interior designer can be expensive, so many people turn to home decor bloggers to show them how to design and decorate the home of their dreams. DIY and sewing are also popular home crafting niches to make money blogging, too.

Beauty Blog Income Reports

Beauty blogs are becoming very popular as women look for makeup recommendations, skincare tips, and hairstyle inspiration.

Fashion Blog Income Reports

Fashion blogging can be very profitable, but sadly not many fashion bloggers share their income online!

Health Blog Income Reports

Health, weight loss, and wellness are hot topics for bloggers.

Multi-Niche Blog Income Reports

These lifestyle bloggers write about many subjects. Sometimes they write one blog with many topics, and other times they own multiple blogs in different niches and report their income on one business blog.

As you can see, these bloggers all have vastly different backgrounds. Some have nothing more than a high school diploma, while others are experienced, corporate professionals. Some are single mothers who left abusive relationships, and others are simply trying to contribute more to their household income or create a means to travel the world on their own terms.

While their situations vary, these bloggers all have one thing in common: the drive to aggressively pursue a blogging career.

I hope that by reading these income reports, you’ve realized that earning serious money from blogging isn’t unreachable for anyone!

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