The Ultimate List of 56 Blog Income Reports by Niche

Blog Income Reports By Niche

Income Reports: either you love them or you hate them! Whatever your feelings on sharing blog income with the world, I believe income reports are a great way to promote transparency and motivate new bloggers. By publishing the financial potential that can be achieved by blogging, more and more people are discovering the endless possibilities to work for yourself and earn a stable income online.

I share my income reports each month on this very blog!

I also love reading other bloggers’ income reports, even when they write in a different niche. This post compiles a massive list of blogger income reports categorized by niche to hopefully inspire you and give you ideas for new income streams!

There are a few income reports I check out nearly every month, noted with a * next to the name. These I find especially useful! Some of the reports are no longer published every month, but there’s still fantastic information to be found when digging through their archives.

I’d like to point out that these bloggers all have vastly different backgrounds. Some have nothing more than a high school diploma, while others are experienced, corporate professionals. Some are single mothers that left abusive relationships, and others are simply trying to contribute more to their household income or create a means to travel the world on their own terms.

While their situations vary, these bloggers all have one thing in common: the drive to aggressively pursue a blogging career.

I hope by reading these income reports, you’ll realize that earning serious money by blogging isn’t unreachable for anyone!

I’d also like to disclose that I’ve chosen to feature bloggers whose main source of income is blogging itself or courses created and promoted on the blogs they’ve created themselves. There are a lot of various income reports online from people who earn money via freelancing, virtual assistance, working remotely, or various financial investments. These types of income reports have purposefully been excluded, as I prefer to focus on blogging income only.

Click the table of contents to jump to a specific niche:

Travel Blog Income Reports

Local Adventurer – Latest Report: $20,047

Adventure in You – Latest Report: $19,233

Slaying Social* – Slaying Social is the brainchild of two mega-travel bloggers: Lia Garcia of Practical Wanderlust, and Christian Guan of Happy to Wander. The former shares her monthly travel blog income with practical advice (just like her blog!) for creating awesome travel-related content. Latest Report: $10,029

Helene in Between – Latest Report: $9,964

Living the Dream – Latest Report: $5,390

Getaway Couple – Latest Report: $3,568

Ali’s Adventures – Latest Report: $2,869

Travel Blog Break Through – Latest Report: $1,684

Personal Finance Blog Income Reports

Making Sense of Cents – Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is one of the most well-known Personal Finance and Blogging bloggers on Pinterest. She earns over six figures every month from her blog and best-selling course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, where she teaches her readers how to monetize a blog with affiliate marketing. Her blog is chock full of great post ideas, and she is one of the few six-figure earners who continue to share their blog income each month! Latest Report: $145,319

Millenial Money Man – Latest Report: $127,213

Busy Budgeter – Latest Report: $86,000

Breaking the One Percent – Latest Report: $61,915

Money Done Right – Latest Report: $33,000

Believe in a Budget – Latest Report: $18,128

Ryan Robinson – Latest Report: $14,432

Caroline Vencil – Latest Report: $12,000

The Savvy Couple* – Latest Report: $11,358

Money Manifesto – Latest Report: $9,356

The Practical Saver – Latest Report: $7,844

Millennial Boss – Latest Report: $2,055

Lifestyle Blog Income Reports

Billionaire Blog Club – I’m filing this one under Lifestyle, as Scrivs runs multiple blogs in various lifestyle categories like weight loss, nutrition, parenthood and blogging! Although there are only 2 income reports on his website, they are incredibly in-depth, and thus worth a good read! Latest Report: $76,139

Just a Girl and Her Blog – Latest Report: $41,000

Chasing Foxes* – Silas & Grace are a blogging couple who, against all odds, hit six-figures in pageviews on their second month blogging. They cite Rosemarie of Busy Budgeter as their main source of inspiration and knowledge. Latest Report: $19,889

Family + Mom Blog Income Reports

It’s a Lovely Life – Latest Report: $192,886

Sarah Titus – Sarah doesn’t post every month like most income report bloggers, however her reports are fabulous and chock full of amazing tips and content. Her story is moving: starting her blog in the wake of divorcing an abusive husband, and refusing to leave her kids with a baby sitter. She started having 5-figure months within a year of launching her blog, and last year she earned nearly $1 million dollars by launching her own shop full of her digital products! Latest Report: ~$83,000

The Realistic Mama – Latest Report: $12,000

The Basics of Blogging – Caroline is a motherhood & pregnancy blogger who shares detailed insights on how she was able to grow her blog Swaddles n’ Bottles in a relatively quick amount of time by publishing product-focused posts linked with Amazon Affiliates and displaying good old-fashioned advertising. Latest Report: $11,000

What Mommy Does – Latest Report: $7,464

Pulling Curls – Latest Report: $6,631

Mommy on Purpose – Latest Report: $5,151

Easy Baby Life – Latest Report: $4,310

Mommy is a Wino – Latest Report: $1,857

This Fairytale Life – Latest Report: $1,262

Food Blog Income Reports

Pinch of Yum – Latest Report: ~$100,000

Show Me the Yummy – Latest Report: $46,000

Root and Revel – Holistic food blogger Kate talks about the switch from Mediavine to AdThrive, which is rare to find information on these days in a recent income report. Latest Report: $15,753

40 Aprons – Latest Report: $12,374

Living the Blog (income from – Latest Report: $11,262

Whole Kitchen Sink – Latest Report: $10,631

The Endless Meal – Latest Report: $6,417.32

The Bewitchin Kitchen – Latest Report: $6,312

Jessica Gavin – Latest Report: $5,097

Pickled Plum – Latest Report: $4,159

DIY & Home Decor Blog Income Reports

Sewrella – Latest Report: $9,897

Arts and Classy – Latest Report: $4,509

Honey Bear Lane – Latest Report: $3,505

Sew Some Stuff – Latest Report: $2,802

The Flooring Girl – Latest Report: $2,006

Neat House Sweet Home – Latest Report: $652

Beauty Blog Income Reports

Rosevibe* – Suzana began a beauty blog several years ago and within one year her blog was getting 200,000 pageviews per month. I believe she found success so quickly due to her selection of a relatively untapped niche: cruelty-free beauty products. She writes the blog Cruelty-Free Kitty which is where the majority of the income shared on her blog comes from. Latest Report: $17,000

Hot Beauty Health – Latest Report: $9,655

Liana Desu – Latest Report: $1,343

Fashion Blog Income Reports

The Modest Man – Latest Report: $8,526

Chic Pursuit – Latest Report: $4,284

Weight Loss Blog Income Reports

Create and Go – Lauren and Alex detail the strategies they used to grow their health and wellness blog Avocadu into a seven-figure business. They are well known in the blogging world and have a super inspiring success story to share! Latest Report: $127,050

Organize Yourself Skinny – Latest Report: $9,260

Fit Mom Journey – Latest Report: $7,299

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