DigitalOcean Review for (Non-Techy) WordPress Bloggers

DigitalOcean review

If you run a business as a WordPress blogger, you’ll definitely want to read this comprehensive DigitalOcean review. As your blog grows, you’ll need to start looking for hosting solutions that can serve high-traffic blogs. Once my home decor blog became big enough that I was receiving over 50,000 sessions per month, I started looking … Read more

How to Install WordPress on DigitalOcean using RunCloud (Non-Technical)

Digital Ocean install wordpress

If you are launching a brand new blog, you may be wondering how to install WordPress on a DigitalOcean server using RunCloud. I’ve been using DigitalOcean for more than two years and I’m very happy with this web hosting solution for bloggers. DigitalOcean provides an affordable way for bloggers to host their blogs on virtual … Read more

How to Migrate a WordPress Blog to DigitalOcean (Non-Technical Guide)

Digital Ocean install wordpress

As your blog traffic grows with time, you’ll need to start considering a web host that is equipped to handle lots of internet traffic. In my guide to the best web hosts for high traffic blogs, I concluded that DigitalOcean was the right choice for my blogging business. DigitalOcean is a well-respected cloud server infrastructure … Read more

Web Hosting for High Traffic Websites

Looking for fast and affordable high traffic web hosting? As my blog traffic has grown exponentially, I’ve been running into issues with the standard web hosts available to most entry-level bloggers. Although most of them advertise “unlimited traffic,” experienced bloggers know this is far from actually true! The truth is that the more your traffic … Read more