WordPress 101

WordPress 101

Welcome to the WordPress for beginners guide. After you’ve installed WordPress, you should be ready to work with your brand new content management system. WordPress is the world’s leading web publishing platform and it’s used by millions of websites – even some really big media sites still use WordPress to manage their posts and articles! … Read more

How to Write Your First Blog Posts

If you’ve never been a blogger before, you may be intimidated when it comes to writing your first blog posts. Some people are natural writers and the words flow freely. Others need some inspiration or guidelines before they can produce good quality content.  No matter how you feel about your writing abilities, writing blog posts … Read more

10 Most Profitable Blog Niches that Require Little Up-Front Investment

Many people say that you can make money blogging about any topic as long as you are passionate about it. While that may be true, certain topics tend to be much more profitable than others, and can be monetized quicker. Today I want to talk about the most profitable blog niches for women. If you’re … Read more