10 Most Profitable Blog Niches that Require Little Up-Front Investment

Many people say that you can make money blogging about any topic as long as you are passionate about it. While that may be true, certain topics tend to be much more profitable than others, and can be monetized quicker.

Today I want to talk about the most profitable blog niches for women. If you’re stuck on which niche to choose to launch a blog in, then this post is for you!

Looking at the list of profitable niches for a blog, it’s clear that some of them require a fairly large up-front investment (looking at you, travel!).

If you’d rather take it easy and work on a profitable blog niche that doesn’t require a large up-front investment, then this list is for you. These niches have been selected because they require very little up-front investment.

However, don’t pick a blog niche just because it’s profitable and low-cost. You should still have a solid interest in the topic, otherwise you’ll get burnt out and bored after a few months! Blogging is a long-term game and you need to keep at it for a while if you want to see any reliable income.

If you haven’t already, be sure to read my guide to starting a profitable blog!

Another thing to keep in mind is that these niches are broad.

Like really B R O A D…

I highly recommend you “niche down” even further. What does that mean? Well, it means pick a topic within the niches listed here.

So for example, instead of writing a “fashion blog” you might write a “sustainable and ethical fashion blog.” Instead of writing a “travel blog” you might write a “travel blog for vegans.”

Blogs that focus on a specific topic or interest tend to convert to sales at a much better rate!

Now, let’s talk about what these niches have in common:

Most profitable blog niches solve a life problem.

The easiest way to find a profitable blog niche is to solve a problem in people’s lives, or at the very least improves their life significantly. Most profitable blogs aren’t “pleasure reads” like novels. The best way to make money blogging is to write about a topic in which people are willing to spend money in order to fix a problem in their life or improve it drastically.

Keep this fact in mind as you read through this list and choose your niche.

I’ll share the best blog niches below as well as the problem each of them solves and a few profitable bloggers from the niche.

1. Personal Finance

Problem It Solves: Saving Money, Paying off Debt, Making Money

Are you good with money? Personal finance is an extremely profitable blog niche as money tends to be at the top of most people’s problem list! Personal finance blogs around making extra money, saving more money, how to budget, and how to pay off debt have the potential to be extremely lucrative.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a CPA or finance wiz to find success in this niche. Lots of times, people love reading about how an average Jane Doe got her finances in order because they find it more relatable.

Profitable Personal Finance Bloggers

2. Fashion

Problem It Solves: Confidence

Despite the superficiality of fashion, the fashion niche addresses at a very basic human desire: the feeling of confidence. Fashion is the way people present themselves to the world, and women are always looking for ways to look (and thus, feel) better on a daily basis.

A common misconception is that only fashion bloggers who can afford designer clothes are making all the money. This couldn’t be farther from the truth which is why I’ve listed Fashion as a top profitable blog niche. Believe it or not, affordable fashion blogging is highly profitable.

Just take a look at the blog Pink Peonies, whose founder Rachel Parcell is rumored to be earning $30,000 per month from affiliate links alone. Rachel tends to carry expensive handbags, but her clothes are often mid-range from Nordstrom. She was noted as the top-performing RewardStyle influencer several years ago, which proves that fashion blogging is actually about accessibility. Furthermore, she was able to launch a clothing line of affordable basics and dresses (Rachel Parcell Collection) thanks to her popularity online.

Profitable Fashion Bloggers

3. Beauty

Problem It Solves: Self-Esteem

Beauty blogging is an extremely profitable blog niche as women are constantly looking to boost their self-esteem, and preserve their youth with the latest beauty products. A great way to find success in this niche is to choose a certain aspect of the beauty industry that you want to focus on like cruelty-free beauty or curly hair advice.

Profitable Beauty Bloggers

4. Weight Loss

Problem It Solves: Self-Esteem, Confidence

Who doesn’t want to lose weight these days? Weight loss can be an extremely profitable niche, however it’s also very saturated. That being said, if you have a great story to tell or know a lot about a particular diet or fitness regime, you can absolutely make money with a weight loss blog.

Profitable Weight Loss Bloggers

5. Motherhood

Problem It Solves: Raising Children

Advice for moms is extremely profitable and easy to get lots of traffic with, due to the fact that many stay at home Moms browse Pinterest during the day. Mothers are always are looking the latest in parenting tips, activities to keep their kids occupied, and what to expect during pregnancy.

Profitable Motherhood Bloggers

6. DIY & Home Decor

Problem It Solves: Messy Homes

People love their homes. After all, it’s likely where you spend the majority of your time! This is another niche that attracts those stay at home Moms on Pinterest – DIY crafts, home decor and organization. Sharing ways to decorate your home, advice on home remodeling, DIY home decor and organization tips can be extremely profitable if you know how to market on Pinterest! If you become well known enough, you could even turn your blog into a thriving interior design business.

Profitable Home Decor Bloggers

7. Lifestyle Hacks

Problem It Solves: A lot!

Better, Cheaper, Faster. If you can help someone do something better than they used to, for less money, or quicker, then you have got yourself a sweet blog niche!

Even though this isn’t really a niche per se, blogs that offer life hacks and improvements can be extremely profitable, very fast. This type of blog is great for someone who has a wide variety of interests and prefers to write about different things. As long as you’re using a catchy title for your posts, you should be able to get traffic quickly.

Take a look at the blog Chasing Foxes, which was able to generate hundreds of thousands of pageviews within just a few months of launch by writing must-read posts about kitchen organization hacks, little-known beauty hacks, and mind-blowing organization ideas. Yep, it’s very click-baity but that’s what works!

Profitable Lifestyle Bloggers

8. Blogging Advice

Problem It Solves: Make Money

A lot of people think the only way to make money is to blog about blogging, and that’s probably due to the sheer number of blogging advice blogs out there! While this post proves that’s not true, blogging advice is still an extremely profitable niche to start a blog in, especially if you’ve found success in a more difficult niche. Many bloggers who start the most profitable blogging blogs already found success in another niche and then decided to share their advice on that topic. They may even launch a blogging course like Lindsay and Bjork of Pinch of Yum did with Food Blogger Pro.

Profitable Blogging Advice Bloggers

9. Food Blogs

Problem It Solves: Making meals every day

Everybody eats food. Sometimes we make it for ourselves and other times for family and friends. That being said, there are are thousands of food blogs out there, so if I were to take on this niche, I would recommend specializing in a specific type of food like Indian cuisine, vegan food, gluten-free meals, etc.

Profitable Food Bloggers

10. Local Travel Blogs

Problem It Solves: Traveling easily and affordably

My last niche on this list might be a bit surprising, but believe me – local travel is an area where you can earn big. Even without a pandemic, the travel niche is incredibly saturated. Instead of launching a general international travel blog, I would recommend specializing in one destination you know well. The most obvious choice would be your home town, region, or state but it could also be elsewhere. While international travel blogs took a huge hit in 2020, local travel blogs soared as people wanted to take local trips and explore their area after lockdowns eased.

Profitable Local Travel Bloggers

I hope you found this list of profitable blog niches useful, and maybe it’s even inspired you to start a blog!

Do you agree or disagree with this list?

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