Facebook Name Change Denied? Here is How to Change It

What to Do When Your Facebook Name Change is Denied: Try this little-known way to change it!

I recently rebranded my blog, changing the name to something I feel better describes the site’s mission. While the content remained the same, the only thing different was the name.

Once I bought my new domain name and transferred all the old posts to the new site, I went about updating my social media profiles.

Not a single social network gave me trouble with changing the username and title except Facebook!

Facebook lets you change the username of your page pretty easily.

However, to update your Facebook Page name, you have to go to the “About” section of your page, and then click “Edit” next to the name.

I did this thinking it wouldn’t be an issue, but much to my surprise, Facebook denied my Page name change request!

Apparently they felt it “misled” my page followers:

Facebook Name Change Denied

What?! It seems that because the name is drastically different from the old one, Facebook assumes I’m misleading people.

I thought this was super bizarre, but Facebook offers a way to “appeal” the decision so I started that process. I wrote a pretty basic explanation as to why I was requesting a name change, reiterating that the content of my blog was not changing, just the name itself. I thought any reasonable person who read this would approve it automatically!

Facebook Name Change Appeal Request

After 3 days with no response to my appeal, I started Googling around and realized this is an all too common problem. Apparently Facebook allows name changes for pages with less than 100 likes, but for pages with more likes, changing the name becomes quite difficult. I read stories about people who showed how they bought a new domain name, but didn’t change the content of their site, were still denied in their appeal for a Facebook name change request! Totally nuts.

Thankfully, I came across a clever way to change my Facebook Page name after getting denied.

Essentially, if your Facebook name change has been denied, you need to go about changing it very slowly, little by little so Facebook thinks you’re only making minor adjustments each time, that wouldn’t throw off your followers.

The whole process was quite silly and took me about 2 weeks, but in the end, I’m happy I was able to successfully change my Facebook Page name.

How to Change Your Facebook Page Name After Getting Denied

Here’s what I did:

How To Change A Facebook Page Name After Getting Denied

I wanted to change my name from “Design by Digital” to “Blog Ambitious”

So I submitted a change request for “Design by Digital Blog”


The next day (Facebook makes you wait 1-2 days before changing your page name again), I requested “Design by Digital Blog Ambitious”

Approved again!

The next time, I requested a removal of a word: “by Digital Blog Ambitious”. I made these requests a few more times: “Digital Blog Ambitious” and finally “Blog Ambitious”.

Don’t cut corners by removing or adding more than ONE word at a time. Trust me, I tried it on the last step. It won’t work and will slow you down an extra day!

As you can see from my screenshot, I was requesting a new name every day if not every other day, depending on my schedule. It takes a bit of time for the approval to go through, and then for you to remember to submit a new request again.

I know it’s ridiculous but this is the only workaround where I’ve been able to change my Facebook page name successfully.

I hope you found this Facebook page name change trick useful!

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  1. This is genius!!! Thank you so much….going to start this procedure right away and if it works, I owe you one!! lol

  2. Thanks! I just started this process but Facebook now only lets you change your (Page) name once a week. I’ve just done the first step (and it worked!), but its going to take another 3 weeks to fully change based on this as I have to drop 3 words!

    1. Hi Georgina, Oh no! I guess Facebook caught on to this workaround. I wish they would just allow us to make reasonable changes to our Page Name but it appears they are doubling down on efforts to make it difficult. UGH. Sorry to hear that, but thanks for sharing!

    2. Georgina, I have just used this strategy and although they say you can only change once per week I was able to do it once per day as long as I had waited at least the 24 hours since the last change. I changed one word per day and now have our new business name :).

  3. Thank you so much Victoria!
    My page name was only a single word name, like “firstword” and they never allowed me to change it to another single word name that I wanted, like “secondword”. Following your guidelines I added “secondword” to the original “firstword” creating the new name “firstword secondword”, that was accepted.
    Exactly 7 days later, facebook gave me green light to change name again, and I asked just for “secondword” and just after a few seconds… I was beeing notified that the new name had been accepted 🙂
    Perfect, and I would never had guessed it, if I hadn’t read your article. Thanks!

  4. ah thank you so much for posting this. I just got denied a name change from roots of life wellness to rooted + wild. Simply rebranding but all my content is the same (I’m an herbalist) I did appeal it with screenshots of my Shopify store and my Instagram account with over 10K followers showing the same content. No idea if they’ll respond, this JUST happened. I will try the one word at a time thing if it doesn’t work- i think it’s gonna take a while though!

  5. Thank you so much for your advice – just been told by FB Robots that FB wouldn’t accept my name change – will be trying the one word at a time approach next week!

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