7 Social Media Networks for Bloggers to Grow Traffic

social media networks for bloggers

Depending on your niche, these are the best social media networks for bloggers who want to grow their audience and increase their traffic. It’s beneficial to understand the most popular platforms out right now, whether you’re a veteran blogger, a new influencer, or a small business looking to grow your social following. These networks will … Read more

How to Automatically Share Blog Posts on Social Media

How to Automatically Share Blog Posts on Social Media

Sharing blog posts on social media networks can be time-consuming. Luckily, there are several ways to automatically share new blog posts to your social media accounts. Here is how I accomplish this mundane task for all my blogs!  Share Blog Posts on Social Media The main tools I use to share my blog posts on … Read more

Facebook Name Change Denied? Here is How to Change It

I recently rebranded my blog, changing the name to something I feel better describes the site’s mission. While the content remained the same, the only thing different was the name. Once I bought my new domain name and transferred all the old posts to the new site, I went about updating my social media profiles. … Read more

5 Free Apps for Planning and Scheduling Instagram Posts

Planning and scheduling Instagram posts to create a beautiful Instagram feed is a necessity in today’s social media landscape. With social media engagement dropping rapidly, a cohesive profile is essential to keeping users engaged. To increase engagement, you need to produce a steady flow of content at regular intervals. Consumers are hungry for new content … Read more

3 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools for Bloggers

I love automation. If there’s a way to automate something that I’m doing manually, you can bet that I will figure it out. That’s why I love social media scheduling tools. The right ones can save you heaps of time on manual tasks you’d have to do by hand. (That’s also why I don’t use … Read more