7 Social Media Networks for Bloggers to Grow Traffic

Depending on your niche, these are the best social media networks for bloggers who want to grow their audience and increase their traffic.

It’s beneficial to understand the most popular platforms out right now, whether you’re a veteran blogger, a new influencer, or a small business looking to grow your social following. These networks will allow you to expand your brand’s social media reach and engage with the right audience that can meet your pageview objectives.

If you want to expand your brand’s social media reach, research has shortlisted the most popular social media platforms that can perfectly match both internet and bloggers online. Some will sound familiar, while others will be new. Remember that having a successful brand does not necessitate being on every social media platform.

We also researched and accumulated data on the leading social networking sites right now. I hope it helps you discover much more about social networking sites that could be beneficial to your blog. Remember that you can use social media scheduling tools to plan your posts in advance.

Best Social Media Networks for Bloggers

You’ll most likely start with the most famous and well-known sites to advertise your blog. Some social networking services have a large and diverse readership. Marketing automation, which still reigns supreme in the marketing world, comes second to social networking sites. However, in today’s marketing world, social networking has carved out a place for itself.

Although several social networking channels are available, this does not imply that you should promote each one. Excessive time spent becoming social and without enough effort writing your blogs will merely spread your social strata too thin.

Here is a compiled list of seven social media platforms that can assist you in promoting your blog.


Quora is a crowd question-and-answer platform and app where users may learn about a wide range of topics. Viewing, ratings, evaluations, and sharing are used to rank questions and answers.

As a brand, you may set up a Quora page for your company or enlist the help of staff advocates to attempt to explain questions about products or services and written industry-related issues. You may also utilize Quora’s ad platform to promote your business. It’s also a terrific way to contact clients looking for a service or product, as 63 percent of users research significant purchases online.


Pinterest is one of the best networks for women’s interests like cooking, home decor, beauty, and fashion. Users are statistically more likely to buy something that they have pinned. Clothing, cosmetics, lifestyle, gardening, and handicrafts are popular topics. Consider using Pinterest to increase your company’s exposure if you work in these fields. It’s an excellent tool for increasing visitors to your website.


Facebook is the number one social networking platform with over two billion monthly users. Over 200 million businesses utilize Facebook tools, and over seven million advertisements actively promote their enterprises on the social media platform. The Facebook algorithm favors content that inspires meaningful connections and conversations among people, particularly friends and relatives.


Twitter users tend to be male. They enjoy sharing information about news, lifestyle, politics, sports, and other topics. What distinguishes Twitter from most other social media platforms is that it places a significant emphasis on real-time information — what’s current and popular right now — and does so in only up to 280 characters.


If you run a career blog or finance blog, LinkedIn is for you! LinkedIn has developed from a simple résumé and job search engine to a professional avenue wherein professionals deliver content, network, and create their brand. It’s also become a hub for companies to build an innovation culture in their fields and recruit top talent.


Current events, celebrity AMAs, and in-depth debates about niche topics are all included on Reddit. There are different levels of interaction on subreddits (i.e., specialized threads) for just about everything under the sun. You’d be surprised how many different niches are present on Reddit! I know I was.

For example, if your company is a brand in the beauty industry, you may join r/beauty. The goal is to ask and answer questions, share advice and information, and participate in discussions with users of the individual subreddits.


BlogLovin is the biggest blog aggregator for readers to find and enjoy fashion and lifestyle content from their favorite blogs on the web, mobile, and by email. BlogLovin provides members a daily email with a list of all the posts published by their followed blogs in the previous 24 hours.

These postings contain a link to your content, which is tracked in your analytics and displays your adverts. Your site’s analytics include traffic. The more followers, the more likely you will be noticed.

To get in front of a greater audience, you don’t need to use all seven social media networks. That would be tough to manage alone. You should concentrate your efforts solely on one or two networks where your intended audience is most active and really establish an egaged following.

Each one of the social networking sites discussed has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Now is an excellent time to begin attracting a wider audience. Study these networks, engage with them, and offer value to their users. Hopefully, these social media network users will become devoted fans of your blog before you realize it!

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