3 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools for Bloggers

I love automation.

If there’s a way to automate something that I’m doing manually, you can bet that I will figure it out. That’s why I love social media scheduling tools. The right ones can save you heaps of time on manual tasks you’d have to do by hand. (That’s also why I don’t use Instagram very often – they don’t allow automation).

Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter all allow automation so you can bet I’m taking full advantage of that!

As much as I love automation, I hate paying for things that can be done for free. That’s why only one of these tools you have to pay for (and it’s absolutely worth it).

Here are three of my favorite social media scheduling tools:


Tailwind: Tailwind is my favorite automation tool because it brings me the majority of my traffic through Pinterest on all three of my blogs! Tailwind is awesome because it lets me organize my group boards into lists, which make it easy to know which pins should go on what board. It then posts these pins for me at scheduled intervals I decide based on when I’m likely to receive the most traffic from Pinterest. I have full control over what’s being posted and when.

I pay for Tailwind because I know that what I spend, it will earn me back tenfold. Think about your niche and find the social network that will bring you the most traffic. Invest in that network – you won’t regret it!


IFTTT: IFTTT does way more than scheduling which is why I love it. IFTTT stands for “If this, then that” which references the trigger/action purpose of the tool. You tell it what to do when something occurs. For example, can use the connection between Google Calendar and Twitter / Facebook to “loop” the sharing of your posts automatically at intervals you set.

I also use IFTTT to cross-post across social networks. For example, I run an applet that takes any Instagram photo I post and publishes it as an Image-tweet on Twitter, and a photo on Facebook. I include the caption and a link back to the original Instagram, to drive more followers on that network, but you can choose exactly how you want it to appear.


Buffer: Buffer is an awesome social media scheduling tool, and I use it for Twitter and Facebook specifically. The Free plan allows me to schedule 10 posts at once per network, which is plenty for me because I use a plugin called HYPE Social which constantly sends my old posts to Buffer every 6 hours. I then make sure that my Buffer is set to post more often than the posts are received, thus avoiding going over the 10 posts scheduled at a time limit.

There you have it! My three top social media scheduling tools. I love that these tools make it possible for my social network accounts to keep working for me while I’m away from them.

What’s your favorite social media scheduling tool?

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  1. For bloggers seeking to maximize their online presence while minimizing the time spent on social media management, investing in reliable scheduling tools is paramount.

    Among the plethora of options available, three standout platforms have proven to be invaluable assets: Hootsuite, Buffer, and CoSchedule.

    Hootsuite boasts an intuitive interface and robust features, allowing bloggers to schedule posts across multiple social media channels effortlessly. Buffer excels in its simplicity and efficiency, offering a streamlined scheduling process ideal for bloggers juggling various tasks.

    Meanwhile, CoSchedule stands out for its comprehensive approach, integrating social media scheduling seamlessly with editorial calendars and content planning.

    With these top-tier tools at their disposal, bloggers can streamline their workflow, maintain a consistent online presence, and focus their energy on what matters most: creating compelling content.


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