5 Best Visual Bookmarking Sites for Bloggers

Visual Bookmarking Sites

Bookmarking sites have been around for years, but bookmarking with pictures and links has become more popular in recent years thanks to the ubiquity of mobile devices. Visual bookmarking apps allow you to keep track of your favorite images, so you can return to them whenever you need inspiration or find yourself without internet access. … Read more

7 Best Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

essential WordPress plugins

WordPress is a powerful web publishing platform, but what makes it so popular is the ability to install “plugins” which cater to a site’s individual needs. I rely on WordPress to run my blogging business, which earns me six figures each year of scalable income. If you’re interested in starting your own WordPress blog, check … Read more

5 Ways to Make Pinterest Graphics for Free

Pinterest Marketing

Looking for free Pinterest graphic design tools? Here are five of my favorite ways to make Pinterest graphics for free. Putting out fresh content often is a key part of my Pinterest traffic strategy. The Pinterest algorithm rewards accounts with new pins posted every day or at least as often as possible. Since pinning manually … Read more

How I Used Tailwind to Increase My Pinterest Traffic by 4x

Pinterest Marketing

What do all the five and six-figure bloggers have in common? Well, there’s a good chance they’re using a powerful Pinterest automation tool called Tailwind. Tailwind is a time-saving Pinterest scheduler you can use to automate the sharing of images from blogs to boards. Tailwind pins for you at the days and times you choose, … Read more

5 Free Apps for Planning and Scheduling Instagram Posts

Planning and scheduling Instagram posts to create a beautiful Instagram feed is a necessity in today’s social media landscape. With social media engagement dropping rapidly, a cohesive profile is essential to keeping users engaged. To increase engagement, you need to produce a steady flow of content at regular intervals. Consumers are hungry for new content … Read more

3 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools for Bloggers

I love automation. If there’s a way to automate something that I’m doing manually, you can bet that I will figure it out. That’s why I love social media scheduling tools. The right ones can save you heaps of time on manual tasks you’d have to do by hand. (That’s also why I don’t use … Read more