7 Best Graphic Design Tools and Resources for Bloggers

design resources for bloggers

Bloggers who are indeed passionate about hobbies surely want their blogs and websites to look good and presentable. No one wants a lousy-looking website, right? This is why having graphic design resources at your disposal is very important. You will need to make graphic designs for your Pinterest traffic strategy, your featured blog images, and … Read more

3 Free Starter WordPress Themes for New Bloggers

Best Starter WordPress Themes for New Bloggers Blocksy

After you’ve successfully installed WordPress, it’s time to give your blog a theme.  A WordPress theme controls the way your site appears on the public web. There is always a default theme installed on your website, but it’s generally pretty basic.  You can add a new theme by going to Appearance > Themes in your … Read more

5 Ways to Make Pinterest Graphics for Free

Pinterest Marketing

Looking for free Pinterest graphic design tools? Here are five of my favorite ways to make Pinterest graphics for free. Putting out fresh content often is a key part of my Pinterest traffic strategy. The Pinterest algorithm rewards accounts with new pins posted every day or at least as often as possible. Since pinning manually … Read more