12 Best WordPress Grid Themes with Masonry Columns

I love grid blog layouts. Maybe it’s because I grew up using Tumblr, but there’s something lovely about seeing posts displayed in a 3-column grid on a blog home page.

Having one post listed after the other is boring to me, so I wanted to do a quick round-up of the best WordPress grid themes you can find online! 

Grid themes make a blog more visually interesting if you ask me. They allow you to view three or more posts at once as you scroll down the page. 

While most web traffic is mobile nowadays, I still appreciate the nostalgia of desktop web design, and grid themes are where it’s at! 

WordPress Grid Themes

Check out my favorite free WordPress grid themes you can download and use on your blog today! Most of these themes work great as starter themes for a new blog. Free blog themes tend to offer only limited features, but you can always find a plugin for an element you’d like to have on your blog if needed.

Some of these WordPress grid themes were originally created for certain niche blogs, but don’t worry, they can be used on any type of blog! 

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