How to Go From Zero to Making $5,000 per Month Blogging (Survey)

A recent survey in the Mediavine Facebook group asked how members went from 0 to $5k per month through blogging. 196 bloggers responded and the results were interesting! Here’s a breakdown of the top ways to make $5,000 per month from blogging.

Those of you earning $5000 from ads alone

Here were the choices:

  • Updating Old Content
  • 3+ Posts Per Week
  • 1-2 Posts Per Week
  • Strategic Content Planning
  • Hiring Writers
  • Daily Content (7+ per Week)
  • Social Media


Here are the results of the survey asking how to make $5,000 per month from blog ads!

$5k Blogging Ad Income Survey Results

Content Wins

As you can see, producing more content and updating old content are the two most popular ways that Mediavine bloggers have been able to build up a $5k per month blogging income.

This is definitely in line with my own experience as a full-time blogger earning more than $5000 each month.

Producing 3 Posts Per Week Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Here are some tips for producing 3 blog posts per week to help grow your blog traffic:

  1. Create an editorial calendar. Plan out your posts for the month or even a quarter ahead of time. This will help you stay organized and on track.
  2. Prepare several posts in advance. Having several draft posts ready to publish will make it easier to maintain your 3 posts per week cadence.
  3. Write in batches. Set aside a few hours at a time to write multiple posts in one sitting. This can be more efficient than writing one post at a time.
  4. Reuse and repurpose content. Turn old blog posts, webinars, slides etc. into new updated posts. Or split one long post into a 2-3 part series.
  5. Take advantage of newsjacking opportunities. Write timely posts around trends, news events, holidays etc. to capitalize on interest spikes.
  6. Interview experts in your niche. Turn the transcripts into Q&A blog post formats.
  7. Write comprehensive guides and tutorials. In-depth content can attract more organic traffic over time.
  8. Promote your blog posts. Share them on social channels, submit to aggregators, send to email subscribers etc. Promotion will amplify the impact of your posts.
  9. Analyze your top-performing posts. See which topics resonate best with readers and cover those subjects more.

The key is really planning ahead to keep growing your audience and traffic with a high-volume publishing approach.

Update Your Old Blog Posts to Get More Traffic

Here are some effective ways to update your old blog posts and get more traffic:

  1. Add New Statistics or Examples: Update old posts with new statistics, case studies or real-world examples. New facts make the content more current.
  2. Expand the Content: Turn old posts into epic guides by adding more sections, actionable tips, FAQs, visual aids like infographics or videos. More content depth attracts links and search visibility.
  3. Make the Introduction More Compelling: Many times old intros fail to capture attention. Refine them to highlight the value proposition upfront.
  4. Enhance Headlines and Subheadings: Use search data to identify what questions people are asking on your topic. Turn those into better headlines so your posts appear more in searches.
  5. Improve Navigation: Add section navigations, table of contents, annotated link headers, jump links or nested headings. Enhanced navigation helps readers digest long posts.
  6. Freshen Up Visuals: Update old images or charts. Add new visual aids like videos, gifs and infographics that make complex topics more engaging.
  7. Insert Related Links: Link out to your newer related content. Guest post and earn fresh backlinks to your updated content to improve its authority over time.
  8. Promote the Updated Content: Let your email list, social media followers or paid channels know about the improved content through newsletters, posts and ads.

The key is analyzing old high-potential posts and freshening them up to realign their relevance. Then promote them to give the content new life!

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