10 Best Website Brokers for Selling a Blog

If you’re thinking about selling your blog, you might want to look into working with one of these website brokers to ensure you get the best possible price for your site.

What is a Website Broker?

Most people don’t really have the knowledge that such a profession exists. But yes, website brokers are just like real estate brokers, stock brokers or commodity brokers.

They have the function of connecting website owners who want to sell their digital domain to prospective buyers.

Benefits of Using a Website Broker to Sell Your Blog

You will be at an advantage if you use the services of website brokers.

They know the market and can correctly determine the appropriate valuation range for your website.

They will inquire with you details about your digital presence which they will compile into an information memorandum. Much like your online portfolio which they will present to prospective buyers.

They will then market your website and present offers that is both reasonable for you and the potential buyers.

You will not engage in the headaches of negotiations. The website brokers will do this in your behalf, plus the paperwork.

Your confidentiality will be well protected by them, because they know it is important to you.

Best Website Brokers


Flippa has over 6,000 live listings and more than 300,000 registered buyers.

When your website is worth $50K or below and was sold, Flippa charges 10%. If the value is above $50K up to $100K, the fee of Flippa lowers to 7.5%. If your website was sold at a value of more than $100K, Flippa charges 5%.

FE International

FE International brokers have secured over 1,000 website sales over the past 10 years. They have cornered the market with a more than 94% success rate in their negotiations.

FE believes that website founders with foresight will optimize their online presence before they are prepared to sell their website at a good price and make a graceful exit.

Quiet Light Brokerage

When the premium website brokers Quiet Light Brokerage list your website, you won’t be disappointed. At least 85% of their listings get to be sold in 90 days or less. You won’t have to wait for long.

The team at Quiet Light have had the experience of having their own online business, nurtured it and then eventually sold it. They bring with them a collective experience that’s applied to your own listing.

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers doesn’t only broker website sales but is also considered as one of the top curated marketplace to buy or sell your established online businesses.

Empire Clippers have sold approximately $100 million worth of affiliate websites and other e-commerce businesses. It has been doing business since 2013.

Motion Invest

Motion Invest was founded by bloggers for bloggers. These people concentrate on selling websites that earn between $50 and $2000 per month. But they are some of the most respected experts in the online business world who you will be dealing with.

Motion Invest focuses on this valuation range of websites because they want the average Joe to be able to make an affordable website purchase that they can manageably grow themselves.


WebsiteBroker was established by two California lawyers, wherein interested website buyers can personally search their database based on keywords, categories, price range and more parameters.

What’s more, on their Facebook page, it says that buyers can contact the website owners directly to ask for more information.


Blogsforsale.co sells not only established websites, but also successful blogs and other online businesses.

The websites and blogs that these brokers sell have their own regular traffic, customers, followers and an expected trend in revenue stream.

It also sells promising startups and growing or under monetized websites.


Investors.club is a members only online marketplace which doesn’t charge any buyer fees.

When ownership of the website or online business transfers hands, no charges are collected, plus there are inspection services and escrow.

People who do business here says that Investors.club executes a deeper due diligence check before the first check to the seller is issued.


TheWebsiteFlip.com is a free newsletter with useful posts 3 times a week regarding case studies, guides and dealflow in the Website industry.

Strategies are being suggested here which hastens growth to your websites before they are eventually flipped.


BuySellEmpire offers access to a happy mix of 50,000 buyers, sellers and investors of online businesses and websites. They have a staff of experienced website brokers who offer to you highly personalized service.

Now you know where to flip a blog or website!

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