10 Bloggers Earning $1 MILLION Per Year Online

Today, we’ll go through the top 10 million-dollar bloggers from all around the globe. Thanks to their hard work, these ten million dollar bloggers now earn hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year despite starting out with nothing.

We’ll be sharing their journey, how they came up with their blogs, and how they earn a living by blogging. You can be a successful blogger in many ways, and these stories will show you how. They might also motivate you to keep going and finish what you start.

Making money from a blog takes a long time and a lot of work, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see immediate million-dollar returns!

Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies

People were startled when Rachel Parcell, the owner of Pink Peonies, revealed that she earned $960,000 a year from fashion blogging. It was hard to think a little website could generate so much money via advertising in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Working with well-known fashion brands has brought in a lot of money for Parcell and made her a millionaire. From all-American brands like J. Crew and Nordstrom, to smaller clothing boutiques, many companies have hired her to write about their products for her blog to attract a wider audience.

Rachel Parcell has since become a fashion designer whose company has grown significantly due to her expansive online presence and engagement.

Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad

Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni has a long and successful career as a fashion blogger for The Blonde Salad. She got her foot in the door by uploading photographs of her everyday outfits on Flickr. Chiara became an immediate hit as soon as she entered the fashion blogging scene. Her website shows she started writing about fashion in 2009 when blogs were the cool thing to do. Ferragni’s blog had tens of thousands of daily visits when she launched it within two months.

Ferragni quickly attracted sponsorship offers from high-profile fashion brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton. She dropped out of law school only three exams before graduation to focus on The Blonde Salad full-time. It really paid off!

Forbes called her one of the most influential people under 30 due to the popularity of her Instagram account. She was the first ever fashion blogger to cover Vogue, the fashion bible.

Rosemarie Groner of Busy Budgeter

Rosemarie Goner of Busy Budgeter has become a millionaire through blogging. Rosemarie’s family had built up over $30,000 in debt like many American families. As a full-time mother, she struggled to pay the bills. When it came to her finances, she knew she needed help.

For years, Groner and her husband Jon struggled to find a solution to their money problems and debt relief that they could share with their children.

Fast forward to her success, they were able to pay off more than $30,000 in debt and reduce the family’s yearly spending by more than $23,000 by concentrating on improved home management.

As her readership and earnings expanded, so did her full-time wage and more, and today she earns $100,000 a month from her blog and courses!

Lindsay Ostrom of Pinch of Yum

Lindsay Olstrom began blogging about food in 2010 with the launch of her website, Pinch of Yum. Writing and photography were her specialties in this area. She leaned on Bjork, her husband, regarding technology and the business.

Almost four years later, the site receives more than 2 million page visits each month, a significant increase from the preceding month. At various times of the year, the business generates more than $30,000. It has been a great success for the pair.

Inquiries have ranged from photographing food in the best light to how to establish a blog. When they heard about this, the two came up with Food Blogger Pro, a service for food bloggers who wish to monetize their websites. Many of young women worldwide have done the same, and they’re all writing about food.

Since 2011, Pinch of Yum releases public traffic and income statistics, making its financial transactions more open to the public.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents

When Michelle Schroeder-Gardner started blogging, she had no idea it would develop into a money-making engine. She didn’t expect to earn any money from it initially began since it was more of a pastime than a career.

Once she earned her first $100 from her blog, things started to change for her. Then, she began to become enthused about converting her passion into a business. Finally, she was able to resign from her work as a financial analyst to devote all of her free time to her blog.

Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss

Emily Weiss is a beauty blogger and former Teen Vogue fashion assistant. She founded Into The Gloss, which she is now managing. On the photoshoot set, the woman found out that she was more interested in what these people did for a living than what they were wearing. A magazine’s connections helped her start talking to famous women about their beauty regimes and bathroom cabinets.

Into The Gloss became an instant hit because of this approach, attracting millions of viewers every month. The blog-turned-cosmetics company, Glossier currently employs 28 people. Weiss made ten million dollars off of it.

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, sisters who run a popular food and DIY craft blog, have become well-known online personalities.

Elsie began writing a blog in 2007 titled A Beautiful Mess. A few years later, a food blog started by Emma accomplished the same thing. When they agreed to work together, things took off.

Every year, they try to add a new source of income that is both healthy and dependable, which has taken them a long time. There are three of the most popular photo-editing programs on the market, and they’ve published many books and created several online courses.

Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents

Besides investing and taxes, Good Financial Cents also discusses insurance and pensions, making it a comprehensive personal finance blog. As a writer and ex-soldier, Jeff Rose launched it in 2008 to give his work home. He’s currently making $135,000 per month.

The Good Financial Cents “Best Car Insurance Companies” guide isn’t the only one that provides a list of financial institutions. It’s not uncommon to see names of financial service providers among the articles on the site. Third-party firms referenced in these articles are typically linked to through third-party links, including a referral code. If a visitor purchases after clicking through to a third-party site, Good Financial Cents may get compensation.

Affiliate marketing revenue is a tried-and-true method of generating money from blogs. Anyone looking to transform their blog into a money-making venture should consider using it.

Heather Delaney Reese of It’s a Lovely Life

Heather Delaney Reese founded the family lifestyle blog called It’s A Lovely Life. Her blog talks about the significance of family ties. Travel and shopping and how to blog are among the topics covered on the website.

For Heather Delaney Reese, blogging is a way of life. Every aspect of the blogger’s family’s life, from holidays to everyday routines, is documented. The family is often featured in the blog’s entries and is frequently photographed.

The strategy has worked effectively for It’s A Lovely Life. Reese is now earning a whopping $175,000 every month.

Tina Craig and Kelly Cook of Snob Essentials

In 2005, when the then-stay-at-home mothers decided to write about their love of bags, Moveable Type was a popular blogging platform. Their hard work paid off since they were early Internet users who wanted a Birkin bag. As a result, Bag Snob was formed on the premise that it should provide accurate and honest reviews that customers can trust.

Seven other “Snob” categories have been added during the last decade, including beauty, fashion, food, and “Tot Snob.” They also released their brand of products, Snob Essentials, in May of 2014.

Having reached seven-figure revenues for the company, it is evident that Tina and Kelly have discovered their calling. They’ve even managed to snag a couple of Birkins along the way.

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