The Best Blogging Advice You’ll EVER Hear (I Promise)

I often think about the best blogging advice I would give to a beginner.

In my 10 years of blogging, what is the one piece of advice that I’d give to others?

Well, I’ve thought about it and here it is:

Follow the Money

Now, everyone has different goals when it comes to blogging. Some people do it for fun.

Others, like me, do it for profit.

So if you’re in the same boat as I am: my best advice is to always follow the money.

What does that mean exactly?

In practical terms, it means doing more of what makes you money and doing less of what doesn’t.

Things that Make You Money

Here are a few examples of blogging tasks that will make you money:

  • adding affiliate links to your most popular posts
  • publishing double the amount of blog posts than you typically do
  • optimizing your display ads
  • increasing the number of paragraphs in a post by shortening the average length (add spaces between long paragraphs)

Things that Cost You Time

Here are a few things that will cost you your most precious and valuable asset: your time.

  • responding to blog comments
  • responding to private emails
  • posting on social media
  • engaging on social media

Don’t ever take advice from someone less successful than you.

Lastly, another thing to keep in mind is to never take advice from someone less successful than you are.

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  1. LOL I love this advice. I started a decade ago as well for profit and it’s turned out really well for me. Not sure what SEO goldmine search term led me to your site but A) I appreciate that you’re educated and sharing practical and realistic advice and that B) you’re anonymous and not doing it for the glory.

    Bravo (clap emoji)

  2. Hi, I would really love to get an answer from you on Reddit, I’ve sent multiple private messages a month ago but haven’t received any replies since.

    Thank you!


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