10 Everyday Items to Use as Props in Your Blog Photos

Creating beautiful photos sometimes means adding random props to the pictures. From house plants to candles, creating aesthetically-pleasing content starts with the right items. Fashion, lifestyle and beauty content photos are enhanced with these 10+ everyday props.

Blog Photo Styling Props

Let’s take a look at what blog photo props may be laying around your home to elevate your next photoshoot!


Adding a hardcover book to your photos adds charm and sophistication. Try adding in a novel you are currently reading for a personal touch.


Whether you are sitting at your local coffee shop or getting a cup to go, adding a bit of caffeine to your timeline never hurt anyone. Many bloggers love to photograph latte art for an aesthetic appeal.


Similar to a book, a laptop offers a creative element to your photos. It shows you are hardworking and helps keep your photos work-oriented. This is especially helpful when blogging about life goals.


Known for their vibrant color and pleasant aroma, flowers add life to any space. This is true for photographs as well. Adding a fresh bouquet of flowers enhances the other elements of the photo.

An iPhone

There’s no doubt everyone is on their phones nowadays, so why not include it? Luckily, the latest iPhone models make amazing props. Just make sure you have another camera on hand to shoot the photo.


Notebooks add personalization and organization to any photo. Try playing around with different designs. Try opening the notebook and jotting down a few notes to make your photo look more personal.


Nothing says “travel” quite like a new pair of sunnies. Whether you are taking a road trip or going on an international vacation, sunglasses are an easy way to spice up your content.


Whether you are taking gym photos or airport photos, a good pair of headphones can make your timeline appear modern and impressive.


Food is undoubtedly one of the easiest props to include in your lifestyle or health content. Almost everyone has picture-worthy food in their fridge.


Taking photos of your study prep or homework can be great for school-related content. Adding a calculator certainly gives off an academic vibe.


Everyone loves a soothing scent and cozy atmosphere. Candles, especially when lit, give your photo warmth and elegance.


Shooting beauty content with a tube of lipstick can be a great way to convey power and glamour.


All fashion blogging calls for a good scarf. It can be worn so many different ways and is perfect for fall and winter content. They also make great OOTD photos.


Vases are an attractive and understated decor item that creates elegance with every photo. They pair especially well with a bouquet of fresh flowers.


Adding necklaces, rings and bracelets can take your fashion photos from 1 to 10. Jewelry adds richness and depth to your photos. Try adding similar tone jewelry such as gold, brass or silver for a cohesive look.

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