3 Top Romanian Media Companies to Watch

Romania may be a small Eastern European country but it’s quickly become renowned for its stellar media content production.

In the same way that Ukraine is known for developers, Romania (and nearby Eastern European countries) is becoming the place to go for written blog content and niche sites.

The Romanians are simply killing it when it comes to media brands.

Here are a few Romanian niche websites with an American audience.

Romanian Media Companies


In 2016, Romanian blogger Mihai-Cristian Micle sold his website Freshome.com to US media group Soda.com, which was later sold to Red Ventures. He was just 20 years old when he founded the popular home decor and interior design blog back in 2007.

The site took off and at its height was receiving around 4 million visits per month from people looking for home inspiration. Today, the site forwards to MyMove.com, under the Red Ventures media umbrella.

DIY Home Media SRL

Stefanita Lucian Gheorghe runs a few media companies under the names DIY Home Media SRL and Square Brackets SRL.

  • homedit.com
  • lifefamilyfun.com
  • lemonsforlulu.com
  • knowyourchickens.com
  • buildyouraquarium.com
  • insectkeeper.com
  • birdwatchingtips.com
  • ringagement.com
  • reptileadvisor.com
  • houseplantcentral.com
  • theknotsmanual.com

Bon Ventures SRL

Alexandru Ion runs several niche content sites focused on lifestyle interests like art, architecture, mommy advice and everyday living.

  • thecoolist.com
  • mominformed.com
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