How to Sort Blog Posts by Word Count in WordPress

Everyone knows that long-form blog content is what Google wants to see. Bloggers who cover a topic as in-depth as possible have a greater chance of ranking for search terms than bloggers who publish sparse content. 

What’s the best way to see your WordCount easily in WordPress? How can you find blog posts with a low word count?

I always found it frustrating that WordPress told me a blog post’s word count on that individual editing page, but it didn’t provide an easy way for me to sort my blog posts by word count within the Posts page.

So I decided to do some research and find out if there was a way to sort blog posts by word count in WordPress. 

While I can’t do that on the Posts page, I found a really good solution to sorting my blog posts according to their word count. 

The answer is the WP Word Count Plugin!

WP Word Count Plugin

This plugin is amazing for seeing lots of valuable information about the word counts of your posts and your site as a whole. 

You simply need to calculate the total word count of your blog posts which takes just a few seconds and boom! You can see a list of your blog posts from highest to lowest word count. 

I love using the “All Content” tab to see an overview of my blog posts. I just have to scroll down to the bottom to see the posts with the fewest words. This gives me an idea of which posts I need to work on and beef up the word count!

How to Sort Blog Posts by Word Count

My current blog has 145,175 total words which is the sum of the 132,913 published words and the 12,262 unpublished words, or in other terms, my Drafts!

It would take readers a whopping 9 hours, 41 minutes, as noted in Reading Time, to read my entire blog from start to finish!

You can also see the average word count of all your blog posts, which for me is 1,088 words. 

If you have a larger blogging business, you might be interested in analyzing your Monthly publishing statistics and your Author statistics in those respective tabs.

There you go. A great way to see your total blog word count and sort your posts by blog count within the WordPress dashboard backend!

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