How to Create Content Silos on a Blog

Niche Site Structure

Utilized correctly, content silos can massively improve the way both human visitors and search engine crawlers find information in your blog. Not only will taking advantage of this simple technique help your blog’s page rank, but you can also take advantage of the silo model to make generating content easier in the future. But what … Read more

Topic Clusters: the SEO Strategy You Must Try

Niche Site Structure

Topic clusters, or content clusters, are groups of blog posts which discuss the same subject yet provide individual value. They help you establish “topical authority” on a particular subject. What are Topic Clusters? Topic clusters are groups of content centered around one topic. In other words, they’re a way to organize a content website’s articles … Read more

Niche Site Architecture: How to Structure Your Website for SEO

Niche Site Structure

Properly organizing your site can help both readers and Google crawlers navigate it with ease. How do you structure a niche site? Today I’ll go over best practices for niche site architecture if you are a content site owner! What is Website Architecture? First things first! Niche site architecture is the process of conceptualizing, creating, … Read more

Content Hubs: Improve Your Blog’s SEO & User Navigation

Categories Tags Content Hubs

How can you use categories and tags to improve your site architecture and Google rankings? Content hubs! Despite powering a third of the internet, WordPress has largely ignored the Categories and Tags function of its platform. The technology has remained the same for years, much to the frustration of professional bloggers everywhere. No matter how … Read more