How to Take Good Photos of Yourself for Your Blog Alone

If you’re posting pictures of yourself on your blog, whether they’re on your About page or interviews that you pose for, you’ll need to take photos—and there are a few simple things that will help you look your best. Here are a few tips and things to consider when shooting that will help you know how to take photos of yourself for the blog.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Photos

Indoor and outdoor photos are different because of lighting, background, and the subjects used. Here’s are the pros and cons that will help you decide on the right place to shoot.

Outdoor photography pros:

  • Out in the open air, it’s much easier to find an ideal location with good lighting. The natural environment will also convey a sense of freedom, adventure, and excitement that indoor spaces can’t provide.
  • Due to many available locations, it’s easy to find an outdoor setting that is relevant to the photo shoot’s purpose. For example, if you’re taking pictures for a travel blog, you could go on location anywhere in the world.

It’s easier for photographers to move around freely and capture photos from various angles when shooting outdoors.


  • Weather conditions can interfere with outdoor photography if proper precautions aren’t taken. If it rains or snows, it can be difficult to take quality photos without getting wet. The same goes for extremely hot environments like deserts—being out in the sun too long can cause sunburns and heat exhaustion.
  • Crowds may also interfere with outdoor photography by blocking off views or simply being uncooperative subjects who don’t want to be photographed (e.g., tourists).

Indoor photography pros:

  • Indoor photography is clean and consistent. The lighting and background will always remain the same, making it easy for photographers to set up the camera and take multiple shots without moving around much.
  • It’s easier to control the lighting in indoor photos, which can help photographers capture more vivid colors or make certain photo subjects stand out from others.
  • Indoor photography allows for more difficult or impossible backgrounds to find outdoors. For example, if you want a picture with Santa Claus on his sleigh flying through the air in front of a Christmas tree but don’t want to go outside during wintertime, this would be ideal for indoor photography.


  • Indoor photography can be challenging. While you don’t have to worry about the weather, you do have to deal with lighting that may be inconsistent or too strong (e.g., glare from a window).
  • If you’re photographing in an indoor environment with many people, such as a mall or restaurant, it can be challenging to find space for your subject and avoid having them blend into their surroundings.
  • There are also logistical concerns about where to shoot which must be carefully planned out beforehand so that there is no conflict with other activities (e.g., if there’s already an event scheduled for that day).

Self-Portrait Photography Equipment

There are many different types of equipment you can use to take a self-portrait, but these are the top three pieces you must have.

Professional Camera vs. iPhone

You will need to figure out if you want to use your iPhone or a professional camera to take your photos. If you want to go with a professional camera, I recommend investing in a mirrorless camera. They’re lighter, easier to maneuver, and have better autofocus capabilities than DSLRs. You’ll also want to purchase a remote for your camera to control it from the other side of the room without having to touch it and potentially ruin a shot.

Camera Tripod

The second thing on my list is a sturdy tripod that can hold the weight of your professional camera and lens combo without tipping over or moving around too much. It’s also essential that you have an adjustable head because this will allow you to rotate your camera 360 degrees without physically moving it yourself, which could be difficult when using an expensive piece of equipment like this one!

Photography Softbox Lights Set

If you don’t have the luxury of shooting outdoors, one of the best ways to improve your self-portraits indoors is by using lights. The Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable 800 LED Video Light kit is an excellent option for anyone on a budget. This kit comes with two dimmable LED lighting panels that can be adjusted from 1% to 100%. Each light panel has a color temperature of 3200k-5600k and is powered by two lithium batteries or an AC adapter (both included in the kit). Wireless remote control allows you to adjust the brightness of both light panels at once, and four orange filters allow you to warm up your photos as needed.

Automatic Camera Timer Apps

The automatic camera is an awesome little app for photographers looking for a way to create long exposures without having to keep their fingers on the shutter button. Here are the best apps to try.

Photo Timer+

Photo Timer+ is a free app that lets you use your iPhone as a timer with lots of nice bonus features. It includes time, interval, and sequence modes. The most helpful feature is using the volume buttons on your headphones as a remote control shutter release, which is perfect when trying to get yourself in the photo. There are also options for different beep sounds, countdown sounds, and automatic saving to your camera roll. You can even give it access to your contacts so you can choose a contact photo for each shot if you’re using the sequence mode to take a bunch of photos at once.


GorillaCam is an app that’s pretty similar to Photo Timer+. It has time, interval, and sequence modes, but it also includes burst mode and HDR mode, which can be useful in certain situations. If you need to take lots of photos in quick succession and have your iPhone 5 or later model with the burst mode feature built-in, give this app a try.


This is another great app for taking selfies and group photos! It’s simple to use and will help you capture those perfect moments with friends or family members in no time at all. The delay feature is great because it gives everyone enough time to get ready before snapping their picture while also eliminating any blurriness that might occur if someone moves too fast.

The best pictures are personal and express who you are. This can be hard to do, especially when trying to get a beautiful shot that reveals your personality. Here are some tips for getting started — keep in mind that there’s no right or wrong way to do this. You’re having fun, exploring, and being creative, so have at it! Go through this article to learn more about how to take photos of yourself.

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