How to Decide Which of 2 Categories to File a Blog Post Under

It happens pretty often to me. I’m writing a blog post but I can’t decide which of 2 categories it should be filed under because the post pertains to both of those subjects.

What to do in this situation?

One possibility is to put the post into both of the 2 Categories. But that’s not ideal and could make your site messy fast.

Decide Which of 2 Categories to File a Blog Post Under
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Instead, here are some tips for deciding which of two categories to file a blog post under:

Review Your Current Categories

Read the post again and highlight the main theme, topic, or focus. What is the post mostly about? Use that to guide your categorization choice.

Look at your current categories – how are they defined? Do the definitions match clearly with one category more than the other? Choose the category that most closely aligns.

Consider your site’s architecture. How are other similar posts categorized? Keeping categorization consistent makes a site easier to navigate.

Consider the Reader’s Intent

Categorize based on the primary goal or purpose of the post. Is it to inform, entertain, sell, etc? Let that guide which section it belongs in.

Think about the audience. For which category would this post be most useful or relevant? What would readers most wish to read after they read your post? Where are those posts filed? That’s the category your post gets filed in.

For example, let’s say you’re writing about the

More Tips

Ask others! Get a second opinion from readers or colleagues. An outside perspective can help determine the dominant category.

Don’t agonize for too long over the choice! Select the best fit and move on. As long as the content is categorized reasonably, readers will still find it through searches.

Remember you can always re-categorize later if you change your mind after publishing. The decision doesn’t have to be permanent.

The most important thing is picking the category that makes the most sense for readers to easily discover the content. Think about site organization and discoverability first when deciding.

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