Do Most 6-Figure Bloggers Have One or Multiple Blogs?

Is it possible to earn 6 figures with just one blog or does running multiple blogs get you there faster? This Mediavine Facebook group post answers the common question.

47 bloggers responded to this question and the results were surprising!

Many people falsely believe that you must own 2 or more blogs to make 6-figures from blogging, but these bloggers prove otherwise!

You may be shocked to learn that most 6-figure bloggers in the Mediavine Group earned their income from just one blog!

Number of Blogs Owned by 6-Figure Bloggers

The truth is running multiple blogs can wear you down. By focusing on one blog, you’re giving all of your effort and attention to making it grow and the results actually compound over time.

If you choose to run multiple blogs then you have to divide up your time which is very difficult to do effectively. Most bloggers spread themselves too thin and end up with a handful of mediocre blogs instead of one shining star.

But those who can keep themselves focused on one blog reap the rewards as the statistics show!

Risks of Relying on One Blog for Income

However, if you plan to rely on blogging as your sole source of income, you need to be aware of the risks involved in operating one blog only.

Here are some potential risks of relying on just one blog for your income:

Lack of diversification: If your blog faces issues like traffic declines, search engine penalties, loss of advertising, closure of an affiliate program, etc., you may see your income plunge. Having all your income tied to one site is very risky.

Algorithm changes: Changes to search engine algorithms or social media platforms could significantly impact your traffic and income overnight. This risk is hard to predict or control. Many bloggers saw a 90% traffic decline after the Helpful Content Update of September 2023 and the subsequent November Core Update.

Income Ceiling: There may be a limit to how much income one blog can realistically generate, especially in a niche with limited potential. If you hit that ceiling you’ll need other income streams to keep growing.

Platform risk: If a platform your blog relies on for traffic goes out of business, changes leadership, etc. it could directly impact your operations and revenue.

Competition: Over time more competition could enter your space, making it harder to attract traffic and generate sustainable revenue from one site.

Burnout: Creating good content consistently for one site can lead to creative burnout or writer’s block over time. This could make it hard to maintain income long-term.

To mitigate these risks, it’s wise not to rely solely on one blog for all your income!

Diversifying across multiple sites and income streams, leaving room for growth, and having backup options or skills are all prudent when blogging for a living.

But with careful planning, one site can still be a major or full-time income source.

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