How Many Blog Posts Do I Need to Get Traffic?

You’ve been plugging away at writing blog posts but the traffic still isn’t there. What could it be? Your site looks great, and your content is on point. Could it be that you don’t have enough blog posts?

Today I want to answer a common question among new bloggers: How many blog posts do I need to publish to get traffic to my site?

Number of Blog Posts at Launch

It’s generally recommended to launch your blog with at least 10 to 15 different blog posts so that visitors can have a few different pieces of content to read on your blog.

So I’ll assume that you have at least published that many.

But what if you’re in the 50-100 blog post range and you still aren’t seeing traffic?

Many issues could be at play here.

Niche Competition

Is your niche very competitive? Even with 50-100 blog posts, you might still face too many competitors that outrank you, preventing your blog from getting any meaningful traffic!

This is one factor that could be affecting your traffic.


Are you sure that your blog posts are high quality and include lots of long-form content? Especially at the beginning stages of a blog, Google likes to see long-form pieces on a website. Write unique and valuable content that is longer than 2,000 words to ensure Google takes your blog seriously.


If you’re sure that your content is high-quality, then all you can do is wait for it to see traffic.

Personally, when I started my blog, I published around 20-30 pieces of content every month and it took around 10 months for me to qualify for Mediavine, which at the time had a 25,000 session requirement per month. Now the threshold is 50,000 sessions per month.

I had 175 blog posts before I qualified for Mediavine in 2017, but I did hit the traffic requirement sooner. I think I did not know about the company or I would have applied sooner.

So it goes to show that your blog should pick up serious traffic after around 100 published blog posts.

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