2 Best Free Email Forwarding Services for Small Businesses

If you own a domain name and would like emails to your domain forwarded into your normal Gmail inbox, then these free email forwarding services are perfect for you. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a small business, these free services will help you send and receive custom branded emails to an email of your choice.


Forward Email or ForwardEmail.net seems to be the best free email forwarding service out there. Their “lightning fast email service” offering is pretty impressive. 

Forward Email offers the following perks on their free plan: 

  • unlimited custom domain names
  • unlimited email addresses and aliases
  • unlimited disposable email addresses (for temporary use)
  • virus protection
  • 50MB attachment limit
  • catch-all email addresses
  • ability to integrate with Gmail or Outlook’s “Send Mail As” feature

That’s pretty impressive on its own. I can see this type of service being ideal for someone who manages multiple domains and needs to quickly add and create new aliases for each domain regularly. 

Cloudflare Email Forwarding

Much to my surprise, as I logged into Cloudflare to change my DNS records, I noticed a new tab in my Cloudflare account called “Email” followed by a beta tag. Turns out that Cloudflare offers its own free email forwarding service built right into its platform! 

Forwarding emails through Cloudflare is much easier because they add the required MX records for you. 

You simply input the email address you want to forward to, confirm it, select the domain name, allow Cloudflare to add the required MX records, and verify the “Email Routing” rules you specified have been properly implemented! I think I set them up in about 2 minutes total. 

Cloudflare offers the option to add a Catch-all address if you want to make sure you get emails no matter what. 

When I tested the email, I received the message in less than 30 seconds, however, the message went to spam. So I had to create a filter in Gmail to ensure that messages to this email never go to spam!

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