What to Put in the Footer of Your Blog (Must-Read)

Today I want to share some tips for designing a part of our blogs we often overlook or forget about – the footer! What should be in the footer of a niche blog?

I’ll share my advice for optimizing the bottom part of your blog and using it to your advantage.

Where is the Footer of a Blog?

The footer of a blog is generally found at the very bottom of the blog’s website design. It appears on all pages, from the home paaage to the post pages, to the static pages.

Some themes allow you to customize the appearance of the footer, while others do not.

Blog Footer Content

So what should appear in the footer of your blog? Here’s what I do.

I typically include three things in my blog’s footer section.

  1. A copyright symbol
  2. A footer menu
  3. Social media links

If the theme allows, I might include an email subscribe form box, but I don’t go out of my way to add one!

Most of my blogs’ footers look like this:

© My Blog 2014–2022
Exclusive Member of Mediavine
Home – Privacy Policy – About – Contact

I keep it very simple!


You must include a copyright symbol (©) and the name of your blog in the footer.

Social media

I like to include social media links because if the reader has scrolled to the bottom, it means they liked my content and probably want to stay in touch with my blog!

Page links

My footer menu includes links to my Privacy Policy (necessary for most ad networks as well as Google), an About page (to establish authority and show my readers who I am), and a Contact page.

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