What to Show in a Blog Header

I just shared what should be in the footer of your blog, but now let’s focus on the top. What should appear in the header of your blog?

Where is the Header?

The header of a blog is the very first section that appears at the top of a blog. It precedes all pages including posts and static pages. Some themes allow you to have dynamic headers, while others remain the same on all pages.

What to Put in a Blog Header

Here are the elements that should appear in your blog header.


At a minimum, your blog header should have the blog’s logo front and center! This lets readers know they’re reading your blog and helps establish brand awareness.

Social Media

I always add social media links to 3-4 accounts in the header of my blog.

Navigation Bar

Most themes will include this by default, however, a navigation bar must appear in the header of your blog so that readers can move through the various content and categories. Navigation bars help them find the topics they want information on easily.

Other Ideas

You may put other elements in your blog header depending on what your blog theme offers. Some people like to add a droop-down subscribe form that appears when hovering over an element, or a button to an important page on their site.

Should You Show the Tagline?

Many new bloggers wonder if it’s important to show the tagline to their site below the blog logo. Personally, I do not do this and I don’t feel like it’s important.

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