July 2018 Income Report

The month of July was spent working mainly on my travel blog. I recently traveled to France to visit some cities and towns I had never been to before, and of course I plan on writing about these destinations on my blog.

I have not really monetized the travel blog at all so far (it started as a passion project) except for a few Google ads, so my idea is to get the blog up to 25,000 sessions as quickly as possible to I can start earning a reliable ad income from Mediavine.

To accomplish this goal, I’ve been publishing 3-5 times per week! In addition to my normal job, it’s quite time consuming. However, once the travel blog has been accepted to Mediavine, I will likely reduce the posting schedule so I can put more focus back into the home decor blog.

Speaking of my day job, I’m happy (and scared!) to announce that my last day of work at my normal job was last Friday! I gave notice last month, but it still doesn’t feel real to me so I didn’t announce it in my last income report. I kept thinking maybe I would change my mind at the last minute, but here I am – ready as ever to quit my corporate job!


Income this month dropped, which doesn’t come as a total surprise to me as I focus more on expanding new business opportunities instead of expanding the current one. This is a sacrifice I’m willing to make because I think it will be worth it to have a new steady stream of income, instead of solely relying on one.



No major expenses for this month! I prepaid the following to keep my blog running:

PS. While my high-traffic blogs are hosted on A2, if you are a brand-new blogger, I highly recommend starting with a budget hosting company like Bluehost!


So all the effort I’ve been putting into the travel blog is finally paying off as you can see here:

Travel Blog Traffic

Guess which month I finally started writing content people wanted to read? 🙂

I hit over 10,000 pageviews this month which I’m super happy about! Here’s hoping I can reach 30,000 within the next month or so and apply to join Mediavine with this travel blog.

Plans for Next Month

The plan is the same for next month : Keep travel blogging!

I’m slightly nervous at the fact that I am neglecting my own money-making home decor blog in favor of this one, but I’m really praying that it will pay off in the end.

We’ll see!

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