Use the ‘Minimum Viable Product’ Strategy to Publish More When Blogging

I started my career in the start-up tech world. I worked in sales for a VC-funded technology company. I learned a lot and some of the concepts actually helped me in my current blogging career.

There is a popular concept in the tech industry called the “minimum viable product” strategy. What does that mean exactly? Well, the idea is to launch a product as quickly as possible, even if it’s not perfect and isn’t completely the way you imagined it.

Get a bare-bones viable product into the market as fast as you can. Iterate over time and watch its popularity grow.

I apply this concept to blogging. 

MVP Blogging

What are the benefits of launching a minimum viable product when blogging? Well, there are many reasons why I believe you need to take the MVP approach to blogging.

Short and Sweet

A short and sweet article is sometimes the best way to serve your audience. While you may want to include every possible topic under the sun to increase the word count of your article, you may unintentionally overwhelm your audience. 

Update Regularly

Google’s algorithm actually prefers updated content. It loves freshly published blog posts.

So if you write everything there is to say on the first go-around, what will you actually update 6 months or a year from now? Not much.

If you write the most comprehensive article right out of the gate, how will you improve on it over time?

Google prefers fresh content, and one way to make your content fresh is to significantly update it once a year.

You can’t just change a few words for Google to consider that content updated. It must be significantly updated – as in, you added around 30% or more words to the blog post.

The only way to do this is over time.

Get More Posts Out There Today

Take the MVP approach to blogging and get more posts published and out there today!

What do you think?

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