November 2017 Income Report

This November was really exciting for my blog’s income. I am super happy to announce that my income was up across the board. Ironically Black Friday was not a particularly profitable day. Rather, the month overall was fantastic. Sales were as consistent as they’ve ever been throughout the month (meaning there was a steady stream of sales, instead of just a few really awesome days, as there has been in the past).

I had one big sale from RewardStyle which made me $335 in one day (?!), a new record for me!

My display ad income (from Mediavine) also went up considerably, starting around Black Friday and remaining consistently high each day through the end of the month.

Unfortunately I did not get to post as often as I would have liked on my interior design blog where I make the majority of my money (only three posts), however I did create some wonderful content for my travel blog which I’m really excited to post!




I prepaid for my A2 Hosting account (around $5 per month) to host all my websites. I also use Tailwind ($10 per month) to promote my images and via Pinterest.


My interior design blog generated 38,863 pageviews during November.

Interior Pageviews November 2017

76% of my traffic came from Social sources (mostly Pinterest!), while 9.5% came from Organic Search (Google, etc.).

Plans for Next Month

I know I say this every month, but in December I really need to stick to a high-volume publishing schedule. I think I can’t go back to posting 5 times a week like I did the first few months of business, but I need to at least start posting twice a week, for around 8 posts per month.

This is my biggest goal for December!

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