I Quit My Job to Blog Full-Time

Quit My Job To Blog

I did it. I quit my job to blog full-time. So, why did I quit? Well, my plan was always to quit when I started making as much money blogging as my normal salary. I didn’t stick to this plan for a few reasons. One, my salary is quite high (nearly six figures), and I … Read more

Earnest Student Loan Refinancing Review

Earnest Student Loan Refinancing Review, Pay off Student Loans, Low Rates Student Loans

About two years ago, I decided to refinance my student loans with Earnest, a technology-first lender based out of San Francisco. Here’s my story of the application process, paying off my loans and my experience negotiating a lower interest rate. Is Student Loan Refinancing Smart For You? I did a ton of research before making … Read more