How Many VAs, Writers, and Freelancers Do 6-Figure Bloggers Have?

Number of VAs Freelancers Hired by 6-Figure Bloggers

Another great question was asked in the Mediavine Facebook group recently. If you’re curious about the amount of people it takes to run a 6-figure blog, this post will enlighten you. How many VAs, freelancers, and blog assistants do 6-figure bloggers have? Dozens of bloggers chimed in to share the number of freelancers they work … Read more

How to Write Blog Post Outlines

Blogging Tips from a Professional Blogger

Publishing a good article always begins with writing an organized blog post outline. Writing blog post outlines prevents indecision and defines clearly where the article will go. Blog post outlines ensure the article flows coherently from one point to the next. A poor article flow creates a bad reader experience. If there are improper connections … Read more