10 Best YouTube Channels About Blogging

Working from home alone can get boring quickly, so I like to listen to several YouTube channels for bloggers from my desk during the day. These are my favorite YouTube channels about blogging!

YouTube Channels for Bloggers

Here are the top YouTube channels to learn more about how to blog. these channels will teach you how to make money blogging, improve blog SEO, and ramp up content production. They tend to lean towards multi-site publishers, which is what I’m looking to master myself!

Growth Scouter

Growth Scouter is an anonymous channel with only 6 videos, but they are packed with valuable information about running a profitable content business. I recommend watching them all from start to finish but the last one is really impressive as the Australian shared how he made it to 830,000 page views per month and nearly $20,000 in income. Other videos explain how to reach 500,000 monthly pageviews in just 4 months.

Passive Priority

Charlie has been a guest on several podcasts and YouTube channels which is how I discovered his amazing channel called Passive Priority. After launching an authority site in December 2020, Charlie got the site accepted to Mediavine, reached over 150,000 sessions in the 30 days, and published more than 1,000 articles!

Niche Website Builders

Adam and Mark from the Niche Website Builders content agency share insightful videos about high-volume publishing, buying vs. building sites, and tons of useful information about running a niche site business on their channel. II always look forward to their videos. They also collaborate with other YouTubers on this list to give a broad range of viewpoints on the modern state of content publishing.

Passive Income Geek

Morten Storgaard shares his passive income with websites journey on a YouTube channel called Passive Income Geek. Based in Denmark, Storgaard has achieved some impressive milestones like earning $23,000 in one month from just one website, as well as reaching $15k with a website less than 2 years old. He shares tips from taking his website GoDownsize.com to $33,000 a month in income.

Doug Cunnington

Doug Cunnington shares SEO methods and traffic hacks for niche website owners on his eponymous channel as well as his Niche Site Project blog. He is the creator of the Keyword Golden Ratio:, a method for ranking sites based on long-tail keywords.

Passive Income Unlocked

Jeff Bridenstine shares his insights from a handful of niche websites that earn him $30,000 per month on his channel Passive Income Unlocked. From case studies to income reports, I love learning about Jeff’s journey in content publishing. He even revealed one of his $10,000 per month sites: MyBackyardLife.com, which currently has 664 posts on it.

Niche Pursuits

Spencer Haws is an OG affiliate niche site marketer with one of my favorite YouTube channels about blogging, Niche Pursuits. I believe it’s just his podcast streamed with video, but either way, I love the interviews he does with various internet marketing guests.

Income School

Ricky from Income School is quite the character. Want to learn about niche site building and get a good laugh a the same time? Ricky will keep you engaged and interested in his content through creative skits while giving you tons of valuable information about making money with blogs. From practical guides to interviews with beginner bloggers who built their blogs to $150k/year, you’ll love the Income School videos on YouTube!

Authority Hacker

Mark and Gael are the SEO expert team you need to follow for up-to-date guidance on creating sites that rank in Google. Their channel Authority Hacker has been a reliable resource for my own blogging journey for years. From tutorials on how to build silos for your website to interviews with big-time bloggers like Matt Giovanisci who earns $400k a year from a niche pool site, there’s so much to learn from the Authority Hacker channel.

Fat Stacks

Jon Dykstra from the Fat Stacks blog has an amazing YouTube channel with lots of tips for bloggers who want to make money from multiple blogs and content publishing. Jon regularly earns more than $80,000 in profit from his blogs, one of which he publicly shares (CycleBaron.com), making him a million-dollar blogger.

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YouTube Channels About Blogging
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