9 Best Ad Networks for Beginner to Advanced Bloggers

Blogging is a great way to earn some side money. But for you to survive off of your blog, it needs traffic. You need to get people interested in your content and get them to click on it to learn more about you and your business.

But how do you make money with display ads?

This is where ad networks come in handy. Ad networks allow you to place ads on your blog and usually take a small cut of the revenue they generate for you. This article will cover interesting information about ad networks for bloggers.

Ad Networks for Beginner Bloggers

If you’re a blogger just starting, finding an ad network that will take your website can be challenging. Many networks require you to have a certain amount of traffic before they accept you or meet other difficult requirements for new bloggers. There are plenty of options if you fit the bill, and we’ve compiled them below.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the most popular ad networks for beginners. You’re probably already familiar with this platform as it offers both display ads and text-based search ads that you might see on blogs or websites. The best part about Google Adsense is how easy it is to set up – many times. You can get approved the same day you sign up.


Ezoic works differently from traditional ad platforms like Adsense and Media.net. Instead of just placing ads on your site and hoping they work, Ezoic will test hundreds (sometimes thousands) of ad placements throughout your site to find the combination that works best for your visitors and earns you the most revenue possible. If you’re looking for an ad network that is more advanced than Adsense but still very easy to use, I’d recommend checking out Ezoic today!


Media.net is a contextual ad network that displays highly-relevant ads on your site based on the content of your page and the user’s surfing habits.

They have very high CPMs, but you need to have at least 100,000 monthly pageviews before taking you on as a client. If you have this many pageviews with a high-quality site and can’t get accepted into the program, you should consider switching ad networks ASAP because you’re leaving money on the table!


Monumetric is an ad network that uses unique software to optimize ads for each website it works with. This customization allows them to get higher CPM than most other networks, even if your traffic doesn’t meet Media.net’s 100k minimum. You can apply online here to see if they will accept your blog, and their staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about getting started with them as an advertising partner.

Propeller Ads

If you have a blog with less than 10,000 visitors per day, Propeller Ads is a great choice to get started with monetization. The network provides several different ad formats and lets you customize them to fit your blog. They also offer 24/7 support to help answer any questions you may have as a beginner blogger.


Infolinks is another excellent option for bloggers seeing less than 10,000 visitors per day. This network allows you to place ads on your site with little disruption to the user experience. You can choose between paying ads (where people click) and non-paying ads (where people see a product or service). Infolinks offers support via email and phone, so you can get help whenever you need it.

Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is an ad network aimed at those who have websites but don’t necessarily have a lot of traffic. They focus on getting ads in front of people who are likely to click, rather than just showing ads to people who visit your site once. They don’t require you to reach a minimum threshold before accepting you into their network. They also allow anyone from any country to join, making their network more accessible than some other options.

Premium Ad Networks for Experienced Bloggers

If you’re a blogger with a high-traffic site, you may want to consider one of the following premium ad networks. These CPM (cost per impression) networks offer higher payouts than AdSense but have stricter requirements.


Mediavine is a popular ad network is for experienced bloggers with at least 50,000 sessions a month. Mediavine started out as an ad network for food bloggers but quickly attracted bloggers in many different niches like personal finance, home decor, fashion, lifestyle, travel, and more. Mediavine has stellar RPMs. You can earn up to $50 per 1,000 sessions, depending on your niche. Mediavine is an ad network that cares about the user experience when it comes to ads. The team focuses on user-friendly, premium ads and keeping your website running ultra fast while serving them up. Mediavine was founded by Eric Hochberger.


AdThrive is another premium ad network for experienced bloggers with at least 100,000 sessions a month. AdThrive is also known for its sky-high CPM rates and advertisers willing to pay well for placements on your site. The Atlanta, Georgia-based ad network was founded by Andy Marzka and Kelly Marzka, and recently got acquired by CafeMedia.

You can make money with advertisements by joining an ad program if you’re a blogger. Here we’ve reviewed the best ad networks for bloggers from which you can earn money by doing what you love: blogging. Join and expand your blog income through display ad marketing without sacrificing your reader’s experience.

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