Mediavine Requirements in 2024 (What Its Guidelines Don’t Say)

New Mediavine Blog Requirements

With ad rates and revenues declining across many networks, bloggers today face an increasingly competitive landscape when monetizing their sites. Mediavine has held strong as a highly desirable, invite-only ad management option promising premium earnings. However, Mediavine’s exclusivity means meeting their eligibility requirements is no easy feat. So what exactly are Mediavine’s current standards for … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Qualify for Mediavine? (Average Months)

Average Months to Qualify for Mediavine

How many months does it take to qualify for Mediavine on average? A recent question asked in the Mediavine Facebook group revealed some interesting information about how long it actually takes to qualify for the premium ad network, Mediavine. Dozens of bloggers shared how many months it took them to reach 50,000 monthly sessions, the … Read more

How Many Blog Posts Does It Take to Qualify for Mediavine? (on Average)

Average number of Blog Posts to qualify for Mediavine

I came across an interesting post in the Mediavine Facebook group the other day where someone asked members how many posts it took for their blog to qualify for Mediavine. The results were interesting!  Lots of bloggers want to join the premium ad network. Mediavine has high ad rates and high fill rates, allowing bloggers … Read more