10 Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Affiliate Sale Commissions

Are you looking for ways to get your affiliate marketing game in full swing and make some crazy good money? Affiliate marketing can be insanely profitable if you know what you’re doing. For a while, my affiliate income was the bulk of my overall blogging income!

Most successful bloggers make money with affiliate marketing in one way or another. Companies are happy to pay a pretty penny in commission for referrals to paying customers. Here are ways to increase affiliate sale commissions for your blog.

Add Affiliate Links in the First Paragraph of Your Top Posts

Adding affiliate links is a simple way to monetize your content and increase sales commissions. You can add links to any page in the first paragraph. This keeps your blog organized, and people can see the products or services you promote.

Use Affiliate Widgets on All Posts

Affiliate widgets allow you to easily display small product images that are clickable and tagged with your affiliate code.

Add a “Shop” Page to your Navigation Bar

If you want to increase sales commissions, you should offer customers convenient paths right from your navigation. The best approach is to add a “Shopping” page on the navigation bar. It usually shows a grid of products with a title, image, and a button to buy. Every time someone purchases through your link, you earn commissions. This is a win-win because you recommend products that customers want.

Add Scrolling Products to your Sidebar

If you’re using WordPress on your blog, you can see all the widgets that make a sidebar. When you add scrolling products to your sidebar, it will be visible to visitors as they continue to read further down. Plus, your audience can reach the content they want in a friendly way.

The products can occupy the right or left side of the sidebar. They take up minimal space and are always there. This keeps the visitor engaged, which leads to more conversions. When you create an immersive experience, the visitor can buy the product so you earn commissions.

Add Products and Links to your Email Newsletter

Newsletters are not only a simple way to engage the audience but a tool to earn money. It’s an effective way to add value to your readers. The more relevant a product is to your audience, the higher the conversion rate. It’s critical that you choose products that you’ve tested or you risk losing your audience’s loyalty.

When you add affiliate links to your newsletters, you earn a commission every time a reader buys the products.

Share More Pins on Pinterest

If you want more sales commissions, you should add at least three pins to each product. Much like other social media platforms, you can partner with brands with sponsored content. To share multiple pins, simply log into your Pinterest account, click a boarding group to open, and select the collaborators you want to have.

Write Individual Product Review Posts

Gone are the days when customers used to buy products without any research. Today, buyers want to know what they are committing to before making their decision. When you write individual product reviews, you should empathize with readers, identify who the product is for, and introduce the benefits. In addition, you should focus on features to guide the customer in the purchase decision.

Every time you review individual products, you should use a friendly tone. Start with a nice introduction and then explain to the reader what to expect. All the important details should be scannable at the top. Don’t forget to include the pros and cons.

Write Round-up Posts

If you want to skyrocket your affiliate sales commissions, you should create a highly converting product roundup. This is an type of article on your blog that helps readers make an informed decision quickly while giving them plenty of options. The goal is to ensure the readers evaluate each product and make an informed decision.

Product round-ups are sometimes more profitable than individual reviews because they attract more potential readers. They work better for people in the awareness stage.

Join a Premium Affiliate Network

You can increase affiliate sale commissions for your blog by joining a premium affiliate network. These networks connect advertisers with the sales audience and improve product awareness in all sectors. The best affiliate network can connect you to thousands of brands and give you access to higher percentage rates. Since there are hundreds of networks out there, you should focus on the best ones like LTK (formerly RewardStyle).

Negotiate a Higher Commission Rate

Many bloggers overlook the fact that they can actually negotiate a higher affiliate commission rate with the affiliate manager they are working with. If you’ve been bringing consistent sales why not ask for a small increase in the percentage you take? This means you can earn more from the same sales. For example, if you earn 7% per sale, why not ask to be given 10% per sale? It’s worth a try!

I hope this post helped you understand how to increase affiliate sale commissions for a blog. Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable and straightforward ways to earn passive income. There’s no need to chase any payments – a good affiliate network will handle everything for you. Apart from that, you gain access to purchase analytics, helping build your content plan. The more you sell, the better the commission rates.

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