My Blogging Failures and Why I’m Grateful for Them

I’ve noticed that nearly every time I read about a successful businessperson, there is almost always a failure that happens before their success. In light of that, I’d like to share my own personal blogging failures. 

I never shared this in the past. I wasn’t hiding my past failures, but it just didn’t really make sense to share them and go into the long story. So I started straight with launching my home decor blog, which I earn a full-time living from today.

blogging failures
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My Vogue Archives Website

Once upon a time, in the early 2010s, I found myself diving headfirst into the world of vintage fashion. My love for the glamour and sophistication of bygone eras, particularly the golden age of Vogue covers, inspired me to embark on a unique journey—starting a fashion blog.

In the dimly lit corner of my bedroom, surrounded by stacks of old magazines and a worn-out laptop, I began curating a digital catalog of Vogue covers from the past decades. The elegant models, the bold typography, and the timeless fashion illustrations fueled my passion. I wanted to share this treasure trove with the world, so my Blogspot blog was born.

The process was both thrilling and time-consuming. Searching for, scanning, uploading, and meticulously organizing the covers became a labor of love. Each image was like a portal to a different era, and I felt a sense of responsibility to preserve and showcase the artistry of these iconic covers.

As the blog gained momentum, I decided to monetize it through display ads. At the time, Google AdSense was really the only way to make money with ads. The modest sum I earned from ad revenue felt like a validation of my efforts.

It wasn’t all about the money, though; it was about connecting with fellow vintage fashion fans and creating a community that appreciated the beauty of fashion history.

However, my journey took an unexpected turn when the copyright infringement hammer came crashing down. The very covers I cherished and wanted to share were the source of my downfall. Vogue’s legal team deemed my blog a violation of intellectual property rights, and Blogspot swiftly shut down my corner of the internet.

In the end, my beloved blog became a digital ghost town, a mere echo of the creative endeavor I had poured my heart into. It was a hard lesson on the fine line between appreciation and infringement in the online world.

Although my vintage Vogue dreams were shattered, the experience taught me resilience and the importance of understanding the legal boundaries of online content. As the digital landscape evolved, so did my approach to sharing my passion for fashion history, leading me to new adventures and opportunities beyond Vogue!

My “Viral” Animal Stories Website

It was the mid-2010s, and the internet was a wild and untamed frontier of possibilities. Social media was booming, and the hunger for shareable content was insatiable, especially on Facebook.

I found myself caught up in the craze, fueled by the success of websites like Viral Nova which I had read about on the ViperChill blog. (Glen has sadly since deleted the original article.) The idea of creating a viral blog centered around pets and animals had been lingering in my mind for a while, and one day, I decided to take the plunge.

Armed with nothing but a passion for adorable animals and a desire to capture the attention of the internet, I set out to create my own corner of the web. I brainstormed catchy headlines and intriguing stories that would not only capture the hearts of animal lovers but also prompt them to hit that magical share button on Facebook.

The first step was to choose a name that would resonate with the audience. After much contemplation, I settled on something like “Trendy Animals.” It had a ring to it, a touch of whimsy that I hoped would draw people in. With the domain secured, I started crafting content that blended heartwarming stories, funny anecdotes, and, of course, clickbait titles that promised a quick dose of joy – something Facebook now advises against!

Once again I crossed paths with AdSense, hoping to monetize my newfound venture. The process wasn’t without its challenges, but earning a few dollars from the ads that decorated my site kept me motivated. As I navigated rudimentary SEO and social media algorithms, I realized that creating shareable content was an art form in itself.

The content strategy revolved around short, snappy articles that tugged at the heartstrings. Headlines like “10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Humans” and “Meet the Kitten That Broke the Internet” became my bread and butter. Each article was carefully curated to maximize engagement and provoke an emotional response.

It didn’t take long for the traffic to start pouring in. Facebook became my main stage, with shares and likes flooding in from all corners of the internet. The appeal of adorable animals proved to be universal, and my viral Animal website soon became a go-to source for feel-good content.

Thanks to one viral post about a cat who survived a fire, the AdSense dollars began trickling in, a modest sum but a tangible reward for the hours spent curating and crafting. Soon, my earnings were back down in the dumps.

A hundred dollars a month might not have been enough to quit my day job, but it was a validation of my efforts. The joy of seeing the site grow and the community of animal enthusiasts it fostered kept me fueled.

The journey was a rollercoaster of highs and lows, but in the end, the failure of my humble blog to earn a steady income prevented me from renewing the domain after a year.

Its short-lived success was a testament to the internet’s insatiable appetite for the delightful escapism that blogging provided!

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