Media Companies are Basically Blogs On Steroids

Are you sitting on a pot of gold?

Solo blogger I have news for you. That little blog you’ve been publishing away on could be worth millions one day.

How you ask?

Because VC-funded digital media companies are basically just blogs on steroids.

Don’t believe me? Most media brands do the exact same thing as bloggers – publish engaging content – on a much more massive scale.

Byrdie Estimated Revenue and Profit

Take the beauty and self-care site Byrdie, which recently sold to DotDash for millions.

Byrdie’s former about page reveals some key insights into the content site’s revenue.

Media Companies are Basically Blogs On Steroids

They’ve since scrubbed these stats but at one point in 2021 they read as follows:

  • Byrdie has published over 14,000 articles (aka blog posts)
  • Byrdie reaches an average of 9,000,000 page views per month according to ComScore

Doing some quick math, that means that each article generates about 642 page views per post per month.

Let’s assume a reasonable average $35 RPM (the revenue generated per 1,000 page views).

We can estimate that Byrdie makes (9,000 x $35) = a whopping $315,000 per month in revenue!

Now, I’m sure they have quite a few staff members and freelance writers to pay – not to mention corporate taxes, too. Let’s estimate those at $115,000 per month, bringing the profit down to $200,000 per month.

With the average business valuation at 2-3x yearly profit, I think it’s safe to say that was sold for between $4,800,000 and $7,200,000.

Now that’s a paycheck I’d like to see!

Moral of the Story

The point in sharing this is that: all that’s standing between you and million-dollar valuations are systems in place to create boatlods of good content!

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