LTK Commission Payout: All the Details on Getting Paid

The LTK affiliate program is popular among female creatives and influencers who share their favorite finds from fashion, beauty, and home decor retailers. If you’re thinking about joining the program but want more details on the LTK commission payout you could receive, today I’ll dive into the details of making money with this exciting platform and importantly – getting paid!

How does LTK commission work? is a popular content monetization platform for influencers and bloggers. The commission structure for the platform, formerly known as RewardStyle, is set up as a revenue-sharing system. This means that for every commission you generate, LTK takes a cut behind the scenes. 

Despite LTK’s cut, the platform allows influencers like myself to earn a high commission when readers and followers purchase products through affiliate links.

Here’s how the LTK commission process works:

Sign up and get approved

If you’re an influencer interested in earning a commission through (LTK), you must first apply online. Once approved, you can access the platform’s tools and resources.

Create shoppable content

Then create content (blog post, Instagram post) featuring products from LTK’s partnered brands and retailers. You can generate affiliate links using the platform’s tools, and incorporate these links into your content (e.g., blog posts, social media posts, emails).

Share on app

For even more exposure, you can share your content on the LTK app, allowing users to discover and shop directly through the app. Users can follow their favorite influencers and receive personalized shopping recommendations.

Earn commission on sales

When a user clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. The commission rate varies depending on the retailer and the agreement between LTK and that retailer. Typically, commission rates range from 5% to 20% of the purchase price.

How long does it take for commission to show up on LTK? Commission for your sales can show up in as little as a few hours, or as long as a few days. It depends on how fast the retailer reports and approves each sale/commission.

Once the commission shows up in your dashboard, you still need to wait several months for the commission to go into “closed” status which means that your commission from the sale is eligible for a payout.

Track performance

You can use LTK’s dashboard to track their earnings, monitor your content’s performance, and optimize your future content strategy.

Remember, commission rates, payment terms, and other details may change over time or vary between individual influencers. Always review the latest terms and conditions provided by the platform to play by the rules.

How long does LTK take to pay?

How long does LTK take to pay? Unfortunately, LTK takes up to 6 months to pay out for successful sales generated. Why does it take so long to get paid by LTK? Well, for a number of reasons.

The primary reason is that most retailers need to allow the customer time to return their purchase. If the customer does not return their purchase, then you will get paid. At this point, the retailer needs to internally approve your commission. Then the payment needs to be processed to LTK. Finally, LTK needs to process the payment to the influencer. All of this takes several months, which means the LTK payout period is extremely long.

How often do you get paid LTK?

How often does LTK send out payments? LTK pays out every 2 weeks and exclusively uses the Paypal platform to pay its influencers.

How to Withdraw Money from LTK

How does LTK pay you? LTK uses the PayPal platform to pay its creators. Here are the steps to withdraw money from LTK. 

  1. Earn more than $100 in Closed Commissions: Your account balance must be greater than $100 in order to receive an LTK payment.
  2. Wait for Payment Day: LTK’s payment schedule is every other Friday, year-round. 
  3. Check your PayPal. LTK usually sends out payments before 12 Noon EST on paydays.
  4. Ensure your bank account is connected to Paypal. Transfer your funds to the bank you prefer.
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