LTK Influencers: Celebs and Creators Behind the Platform

LTK RewardStyle

Influencer marketing has exploded in recent years, with brands increasingly turning to social media personalities to promote their products and drive sales. At the forefront of this trend is LTK (formerly rewardStyle &, a platform that connects influencers with retailers and enables easy shopping through social media posts. While the platform itself provides the … Read more

How Much Do LTK Influencers Make?

LTK RewardStyle

LTK is an amazing shopping app for discovering new products across home, beauty, and fashion categories from the world’s best influencers. You can follow influencers, shop their closet and recommended products, and discover trends all in one place.  Do LTK creators get paid? Yes! If you’ve ever been curious how much LTK influencers make, today … Read more

LTK Affiliate Program Review: How to Join and Make Money

LTK RewardStyle

The LTK (formerly known as affiliate program is a platform that allows influencers, bloggers, and content creators to monetize their content by earning a commission on product sales they help generate. LTK is a part of the rewardStyle network, which is an invitation-only, global influencer marketing platform founded in 2011 by Amber Venz Box … Read more

LTK (formerly RewardStyle) Payment Schedule 2024

LTK RewardStyle

Wondering what the RewardStyle/LTK payment schedule for 2024 is this year? If you are a content creator, blogger, or influencer working with RewardStyle (now known as “LTK”) then you might be curious when your next pay day is! I am also a RewardStyle influencer and I love making money through this affiliate marketing platform. How … Read more

How does RewardStyle/LTK work?

LTK RewardStyle

If you’re considering the RewardStyle affiliate program, then you may be wondering how does RewardStyle work exactly? RewardStyle is a fashion, beauty, and home decor affiliate network for bloggers, YouTubers, content creators, and Instagram influencers. It was founded by Amber Venz Box, a fashion blogger herself, as a way for brands to compensate bloggers for … Read more

Collective Voice (ShopStyle) vs LTK (RewardStyle): Which is Better?

This post has been updated in August 2018 and January 2019 to reflect recent ShopStyle business model changes as well as the declining stability of RewardStyle analytics and performance. Two of the most popular affiliate programs for fashion and home decor bloggers are LTK (RewardStyle) and Collective Voice (ShopStyle). Each network has its pros and … Read more