How Much Do LTK Influencers Make?

LTK is an amazing shopping app for discovering new products across home, beauty, and fashion categories from the world’s best influencers. You can follow influencers, shop their closet and recommended products, and discover trends all in one place. 

Do LTK creators get paid?


If you’ve ever been curious how much LTK influencers make, today I’m going to share everything I know about making money as an LTK influencer. I’ve been working with LTK for the last 5 years and earn a decent income from the company. 

The amount of money LTK influencers make can vary significantly based on factors such as their audience size, engagement rate, the type of content they produce, the products they promote, and the commission rates offered by partner retailers.

Commission-Based Model

LTK operates on a performance-based commission model, meaning influencers earn a percentage of the total sales made through their shoppable links. Commission rates can range from around 5% to 20% or more, depending on the retailer and product category.

LTK Income

Some influencers with large, highly engaged audiences can earn substantial incomes through the LTK platform. The Wall Street Journal reported several years ago that a relatively unknown blogger in Utah, Rachel Parcell, earned well over $30,000 in commission each month from LTK, which was called RewardStyle at the time.

However, earnings may be much more modest in the $500 to $1,000 monthly range for most smaller influencers or those just starting out.

I regularly earn around $10,000 per month in LTK payments as a home decor blogger. See my latest income report here.

Income Opportunities

It’s safe to say that influencers with more than 100,000 followers on Instagram are probably earning at least $5,000 in commissions from LTK each month as long as they have an engaged and active audience. 

Some influencers also benefit from sponsored content and brand collaborations facilitated by LTK, which can provide additional income opportunities beyond affiliate commissions.

I earned an additional $30,000 last year from sponsored posts for brands through LTK. These opportunities are only available to LTK’s best-performing influencers and content creators.

Success with LTK, like other affiliate networks and programs, requires a consistent content creation strategy, a strong understanding of your target audience, and continuous optimization of your content and promotional efforts.

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