How does RewardStyle/LTK work?

If you’re considering the RewardStyle affiliate program, then you may be wondering how does RewardStyle work exactly?

RewardStyle is a fashion, beauty, and home decor affiliate network for bloggers, YouTubers, content creators, and Instagram influencers. It was founded by Amber Venz Box, a fashion blogger herself, as a way for brands to compensate bloggers for the promotional work they do online. Today, RewardStyle works with thousands of retailers and influencers, and it’s one of the foremost fashion marketing platforms.

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RewardStyle offers two main revenue streams for publishers that have been accepted to their platform: affiliate commissions and collaborations. I’ll go over how each one works in this article!

Quick note: RewardStyle recently rebranded as “LTK” so you might see some references to both names on my site. Know that they are the same company!

Affiliate Commissions from Brands

RewardStyle offers its members a commission of each sale they generate for a given retailer. When an influencer posts content on their blog or Instagram, they include RewardStyle-enabled links to any products featured for their readers to click through if they are interested. These RewardStyle-enabled links will place a cookie on the reader’s browser which tracks any sales made by that reader to the linked retailer. The cookie can last anywhere from 30-60 days (Amazon’s cookie famously lasts only 24 hours). If the reader ends up making a purchase in that time frame, the sale is recorded and tied back to the influencer for commission.

Nordstrom, Wayfair, Shopbop, and Revolve are some of the more popular retailers available on the RewardStyle platform. RewardStyle commission rates can vary but most range from around 7–20% of the total retail purchase. That means that if you use a RewardStyle link to generate a $100 sale from one of your readers, and that retailer offers a 7% commission, you’ll be paid $7 by that retailer.

RewardStyle commissions are driven by clicks and thus, there are several ways to create links using RewardStyle tools.

Text Links

The simplest way to add RewardStyle links is by including in your blog post text. You can use “Link Ninja” to generate RewardStyle-enabled links on the fly in your browser from any member retailer.


You can create various image-based widgets to entice readers to click your links. “Shop the Post” widgets are some of the most popular on the RewardStye platform. Images will multiple clickable items are also great for readers to click.

Lastly, you can use to make your Instagram posts shoppable if you are an Instagram influencer. Readers can visit your post and shop your featured products from there, or they can screenshot your post, receive an email and click the product links from their email.

Collaborations with Brands

RewardStyle also works as a middleman between brands and publishers to organize paid collaborations. These typically involve the publisher creating content and sharing it with their audience. Most often, a selection of products is given to the publisher to choose from, as well as a key brand message. From there, the publisher is responsible for creating multiple, unique images and promoting them through their social media and marketing channels.

These collaborations are typically paid in lump sums. Sometimes, extra money is paid to purchase the product necessary for the shoot, and other times, the product is sent directly to the influencer.

How does RewardStyle work for Payments?

Rewardstyle pays its publishers every two weeks once their commissions reach $25. Sales are recorded within a few days, but it takes up to 90 days for them to “close,” meaning the return-window for the customer has closed, and the retailer has paid RewardStyle what it is owed. From there, RewardStyle pays its publishers. Collaborations typically take several months to be paid out, as RewardStyle waits for it to be paid by the retailer before paying the publisher.

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I hope this article helped you learn about how RewardStyle works in terms of working with brands and publishers! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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  1. Hi! Thank you for this post. I just made my first sale this past Saturday (April 12th). I know this because my friend bought something. I see the “shopping bag” icon on my post says “1” but I haven’t received an email confirmation. Nor do I see a dollar amount under the commissions tab.

  2. Thanks for this!! Two people dm’ed me today to say they’d bought things from my links and I saw the clicks in my Analytics but not the sales and was panicking it hadn’t worked! Nice to know it can take a while, thanks!

  3. Hi, Blog!
    Does Rewardstyle allow the bloggers/influencers to download their pictures for creating pins or images that contain curated collections?
    I read something in their Terms that sharing their pictures with 3rd party is not permitted. Did I misunderstand it? Please, I need to know the answer.
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Phil! RewardStyle provides a way for you to create widgets that display products in a grid on your website. Beyond the tools they provide, questions around legality of images should be confirmed with RewardStyle directly!

  4. Hi there,
    I recently discovered your blog! It’s very nice 🙂
    Can you please tell me what’s your interior design blog? I tried to find it but I couldn’t.
    What about the other blogs you mention, the travel and food?


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